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Update: Construction has begun

[Check out our episode on Brian Kolfage and We Build the Wall, Inc.]

We at None Dare Call it Ordinary were never quick to judge that Brian Kolfage’s wall was impossible. To the end of pushing Kolfage to keep his donors happy, we set up a Wall Watch Clock to keep track of how many days had passed since Kolfage started his “We The People Will Build the Wall” GoFundMe on December 18th, 2018.

Well, the clock is done because it appears construction has begun 159 days after the GoFundMe started. Thus, the Wall Watch Clock is being retired.

This page will still be dedicated to wall watching, however. We’ll keep track of the latest developments and how much wall is actually being built.

A private group says it’s started building its own border wall using millions donated in GoFundMe campaign (CNN)

Group that raised millions to build border wall begins construction in New Mexico (Newsweek)

Border wall GoFundMe campaign celebrates first miles, asks for more money (TPM)

First private border wall section built, group says (The Hill)

5/29: Construction has been halted

After beating the odds and the skepticism of critics and supporters alike, Brian Kolfage and We Build the Wall, Inc. has hit a snag. The mayor of Sunland Park, Javier Perea, issued a cease-and-desist order to halt construction because We Build the Wall did not have their permits approved.

The GoFundMe border wall finally broke ground. Then a cease-and-desist order arrived (The Washington Post)

GoFundMe border wall ordered to stop building because they didn’t have the right paperwork (The Daily Beast)

6/2: Construction Resumed

The City of Sunland Park allowed We Build the Wall, Inc. to continue construction.

A half-mile of crowdfunded border wall is nearly done, even though a city tried to pause it (The Washington Post)

Privately Funded Border Wall Near Completion In New Mexico (NPR)