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Episode 1: Book of Revelation Part 1 - The Beginning of the End

Episode 2: Book of Revelation Part 2 - Aged and Enraged

Episode 3: Cancer Quackery Part 1 - Fun With Enemas

Episode 4: Cancer Quackery Part 2 - Open Heartthob Surgery

Episode 5: Cancer Quackery Part 3 - He’s a Germaniac

Episode 6: Cancer Quackery Part 4 - Host to Host AM

Episode 7: And They Came Out and Went Into the Swine

Episode 8: Crystal Healing Part 1 - Healie Feelies

Episode 9: Crystal Healing Part 2 - Smudging the Lines

Episode 10: Crystal Healing Part 3 - Labradorite Retriever

Episode 11: Crystal Healing Part 4 - Skull of Doom and Friends

Episode 12: Russia Investigation Part 1 - Fingers in the Ribcage of Justice

Episode 13: Russia Investigation Part 2 - Still Colluding After All These Years

Episode 14: Russia Investigation Part 3 - As Any Father Would

Episode 15: Russia Investigation Part 4 - Obstructing Justice League

Episode 16: Breatharianism Part 1 - Wiley Brooks

Episode 17: Breatharianism Part 2 - Jasmuheen’s Etheric Drip

Episode 18: Breatharianism Part 3 - Akahi Ricardo and Camilla Castello

Episode 19: Sedevacantism Part 1 - Archishop Marcel Lefebvre versus Vatican II

Episode 20: Sedevacantism Part 2 - The Society for Saint Pius X, the Ecône consecrations, and the Excommunication of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Episode 21: Sedevacantism Part 3 - The Society for Saint Pius V, the Consecrations of Archbishop Ngô Đình Thục, and the Sedeprivationism of Guérard des Lauriers

Episode 22: Sedevacantism Part 4 - Francis Schuckardt and the Tridentine Latin Rite Catholic Church

Episode 23: Sedevacantism Part 5 - The Siri Thesis, the Palmarian Catholic Church, and His Holiness Pope Michael

Episode 24: How to Build a UFO Part 1 - Learning from the Alien Abduction of Betty Andreasson

Episode 25: How to Build a UFO Part 2 - Black Holes, Toroids, and Crystal Spheres

Episode 26: How to Build a UFO Part 3 - The Final Spiritual Message of Paul Potter and the Extraterrestials

Episode 27: Pete Hegseth’s Unwashed Hands and Serge Benhayon’s Unwashed Cult, Universal Medicine

Episode 28: Lyndon LaRouche Part 1 - Operation Mop Up, Ego-Stripping, and Deprogramming the Psychosexual CIA Plot

Episode 29: Lyndon LaRouche Part 2 - From US Labor Party to the Democratic Primary, SDI, and Fascism

Episode 30: Lyndon LaRouche Part 3 - PANIC over AIDS, Virginians, Zionists, and Satanic Philosophers

Episode 31: Lyndon LaRouche Part 4 - Green Terrorists, White Helmets, and The Obama/Hitler Connection

Episode 32: Five Myths About Mass Incarceration from the Prison Policy Initiative

Episode 33: The Poems of Lyndon LaRouche/None Dare Call It Wrong!

Episode 34: Mental Illness Denialism Part 1- The Godfather of Anti-Psychiatry, Thomas Szasz

Episode 35: Mental Illness Denialism Part 2 - The Citizen's (Scientologist's) Commission on Human Rights Documentary "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death"

Episode 36: Jonathan Cahn, MAGA Church, and the Trump Bible Prophecies

Episode 37: Expanding Earth

Episode 38: Brian Kolfage and We Build the Wall, Inc.

Episode 39: MMS Bleach Cure

Episode 40: Sherry Shriner - Taylor Swift is a Reptilian Alien and Only Orgone Blasters Can Save You

Episode 41: Psychedelic Cults Part 1 - Bart Hughes and the Trepanation Blues

Episode 42: Psychedelic Cults Part 2 - The Rainbow Family

Episode 43: Psychedelic Cults Part 3 - Bad DMT Trips, Chris Cantelmo, and the Terence McKenna Machine Elves

Episode 44: Crypto Craziness Part 1 - The Gospel of Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver and Bitcoin Carnivores

Episode 45: Crypto Craziness Part 2 - John McAfee, Craig Wright, and the Identity of Satoshi

Episode 46: Crypto Craziness Part 3 - Satoshi Revealed, Pump and Dump Schemes, and BitConnect

Episode 47: Marianne Williamson and A Course in Miracles

Episode 48: Clown Colleges Part 1 - Liberty University and Bob Jones University

Episode 49: Clown Colleges Part 2 - PragerU