Episode 51: Alex Jones Part 2 - 9/11 Was (Not) an Inside JoB

This episode continues our Alex Jones series, diving headfirst into Jones' 9/11 conspiracy theories and the New World Order's use of false flag events to create a one-world government.

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In 2002 Alex Jones released his 3rd film, 9/11: The Road to Tyranny. The film begins with dramatic music and clips of the WTC buildings collapsing, the pentagon destruction, clips from WW2, FDR, George W. Bush smirking, soldiers marching, John Ashcroft with a Nazi flag supperimposed in the right corner of the screen, OKC bombing, a picture of a random building demolition, police tear gasing protesters, Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Waco fire, thumb prints, facial recognition graphics, satellites. 

The music builds and builds as we see quick clips of surveillance cameras. Then finally the music stops and you suspect the documentary will begin. 

NOPE. Back to the dramatic music. Flashes of more images: Nelson Mandella, The UN building, bacteria growing in petri dishes in random laboratories, words flash across the screen, “NEXT: An ID chip planted in your body?”, clips of soldiers then finally a nuclear bomb exploding. 

Finally Alex Jones appears, 

Hello, I’m Alex Jones, a syndicated radio and television host based in Austin, TX. And for many years I’ve been exposing the criminal activities of the global elite, also known as the NWO. And this collection of power mad megalomaniacs has been using a successive string of terrorist events to usher in their corrupt world government. A world government where populations, their own documents show, will be herded into compact cities, will be issued national ID cards, and yes even implantable microchips.

Jones says in this film he will show how governments use tragic events to enslave their own people. Or as he puts it - “to get the people to exchange liberty for so-called security.” 

Why the NWO is pushing all of this. We know they want tyranny… We know this global government is behind it. They’re now publicly talking about a NWO… And what’s their final goal? A world population reduction of 80%. Everyone crammed into compact cities, and yes the united nations is preparing to release mass plagues on the Earth because the elite want the life extension technologies for themselves … And they’ve got to dehumanize us, they’ve got to enslave us here on the global plantation now or they’re going to lose control. 

He calls the NWO “megalomaniacal satanists” He ends his introduction pointing his finger at the camera saying, “This is the evidence and it is conclusive. 9-1-1 the road to tyranny!”

The History of False Flags

The documentary starts off showing clips of various wars while Jones says things like,  “If there isn’t an enemy to fight you have to manufacture one.”

Nero torched Rome and blamed the Christians, then tortured the Christians. Jones narrates, 

On Feb 15, 1898, treason was committed by William McKinley’s navy when they blew up their own ship in Havana Harbor to create a pretext for war with the Spanish government.”

Hitler purposely burned the Reichstag building to take full control of Germany. The US federal government and military knew that Pearl Harbor would be attacked by the Japanese months before the attack. Jones says, 

And now even the History Channel admits as well as any other historical record that Roosevelt 12 days before knew the actual date of the attack. Roosevelt had campaigned on keeping America out of the war, but his backers had been funding the Japanese war machine for years. As well as funding and encouraging Hitler’s blitzkrieg. They needed a global crisis to bring in a global government and the birth of the United Nations. 

Alex Jones explains that the elite tried really hard to create a bureaucratic body among nations by starting World War 1 but failed so they needed something more lethal like a bigger and better world war!

You see the global elite had attempted to create a league of nations at the end of WW1. WW2 had to be bigger, on a larger scale so the people would say - give us a global government, protect us from these horrible wars.

Jones brings up the Northwoods document. So we needed an excuse to invade Cuba. The US military tossed around the idea of blowing up commercial airliners full of Americans to get people on board to start a nuclear war with Cuba by saying Cuba was behind the attack. They talked about bombing Washington DC and blaming it on Cuba. They also suggested blowing up their own ship or dressing up US army soldiers as Cuban soldiers to attack US soldiers at Guantanamo Bay. 

And just so everyone knows, Operation Northwoods was a real plan and is a huge scandal and the Department of Defense should be forever shamed for it. And it’s shit like this that gives credence to Alex Jones’ bullshit. Jones says, 

President Kennedy had always been a servant of the elite, but he was so shocked by the Northwoods document he signed executive order 11110 shortly before his death announcing he would abolish the Federal Reserve system. He also began to pull us out of Vietnam and signed an order to abolish the CIA. It was at that point he was assassinated. You see he had decided to be a leader of the people to defend their interest and the NWO couldn’t allow that to happen.

This was all in the mainstream media. Flashes of NYT articles so quick you can’t make out much of anything.

George H.W. Bush and the New World Order

We finally get that famous clip of George H.W. Bush on September 11, 1991 saying the infamous phrase “a new world order”. Jones says, 

The Council of Foreign Relations, known as the CFR, an organization publically sworn to destroy American national sovereignty and usher in a tyrannical world police state could not contain their glee on Sept. 12th, the day after the tragic attack. They announced their new world order.

He then shows a clip of Gary Hart of the CFR saying,

There is a chance for the President of the United States to use this disaster to carry out a phrase his father used I think only once, and hasn’t been used since. And that is a new world order.

But of course Jones follows up by saying there it, foks, the CFR openly admitting they want to use this crisis to bring in a one world government, even though that isn’t at all what was said in the clip, but oh well.

Oh did you know that Jimmy Carter and his National Security Advisor, Brzezinski were “breeding, creating these terrorist organizations, funding them, and training them to attack America.”  Brzezinski and David Rockefeller are each founders of the Trilateral Commision which we all know is pure evil.

The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing

He says unlike the Northwoods document plan, the FBI actually carried out the attack on the WTC in 1993. They hired a retired 43 year old former Egyptian army officer Ahmed Sallam. They paid him 1 million dollars and gave him actual explosives with a detonator and,
told him to build a bomb and to give it to the foolish people he was controlling to allow him to attack the WTC complex.

Jones says there was one problem: Salem wasn’t as “ruthless or sociopathic as the FBI and their globalist controllers.” Salem didn’t understand why he was given real explosives when this was supposed to be a sting operation. But the FBI told him TO DO IT ANYWAYS! He secretly recorded the head of the FBI in NY ordering him to let the bombing happen. 

Jones says this is all public knowledge, the FBI even admits it, a few news stories came out about it then it just gets brushed under the rug.

So the biggest problem was that the drivers of the truck didn’t park it up against the main support system of the WTC as they had been ordered to do by the FBI. Jones states, 

No my friends, They parked it about a dozen feet away. And so it didn’t bring down the building. And in consequence they didn’t get the massive death toll they needed to create the marshall law system they were hellbent on implementing against our constitutional republic and the American people.” … “The Feds finished the job on September 11, 2001.

Osama Bin Laden and the CIA

Jones starts to rattle off a bunch of unfounded and/or misleading claims in this next part about Bin Laden. I’m honestly impressed on how fast this man speaks and how much nonsense is coming at me a million miles a second. It makes you wonder how these films can be 3 hours long when he’s spouting off so much constant nonsense so quickly.

All you need to know is that Bin Laden is a CIA asset. The CIA “needed this boogie man for one more big action.” One of the claims made was that Bin Laden was funded and trained by the CIA. This is not true. The Afghan mujahideen did receive funding, via Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency. According to a Guardian article, “Some bled to the Arabs fighting the Soviets but nothing significant.”

Jones then explains that Bin Laden met with CIA agents in dubai in July of 2001. In one of the greatest displays of irony Jones shows an article from the UPI (That’s the United Press INTERNATIONAL! - sounds a tad globalist to me!) titled, “Bin Laden Treated at US Hospital.”

President George W. Bush signed presidential directive W199i telling FBI agents that if they tried to stop al-Qaeda they would be arrested! For the record this is not an executive order but appears to be an FBI case number. Jones is misleading here. SHOCKING!

An image of George W. Bush with glowing red eyes flashes across the screen as Jones says,

The global crime syndicate that George W. Bush and his family fronts for has everything to gain from the september 11th attacks: A national ID card, a national control grid, a casteless society.

In true Michael Moore fashion, Jones breaks down the “near half-century” Bush/Bin Laden family connections. 

9/11 Facts and (Mostly) Myths

Jones goes through the old 9/11 inside classic hits: 

  • Some people said there were multiple explosions.

  • There was no way just a few airplanes could bring down those buildings.

  • What brought down Building 7?

I dusted off my copy of the book Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts put out by Popular Mechanics. It answers a lot of various claims made by 9/11 conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. Specifically on WTC Building 7 it says,

[The National Institute of Standards and Technology] NIST’s analysis suggests the fall of WTC 7 was an example of ‘progressive collapse’, a process in which the failure of parts of a structure ultimately creates strains that cause the entire building to come down. Video footage of the fall of WTC 7 shows a crack, or ‘kink’ in the building's facade… The entire building fell in on itself. According to NIST, there was one primary reason this happened: WTC 7 was built to straddle a Con Edison electrical substation. That required an unusual design in which a number of columns were engineered to carry exceptionally large loads, roughly 2000 square feet of floor area for each floor. ‘ What our preliminary analysis has shown is that if you take out just one column on one of the lower floors,’ [NIST lead investigator Shyam] Sunder notes, ‘it could cause a vertical progression of collapse so that the entire section comes down.

Certain people were warned not to fly that day. Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown said he was warned not to fly that day. Alex Jones says,

I wish the rest of the American people would have gotten that warning. But of course if the American people would have been warned then the government terrorist attack wouldn’t have had its desired effect to have the people begging for a nightmare global police state.

Jones knows what you are thinking-- Wait, didn’t we go in there and take out the Taliban? No, Jones says, “They escorted a couple hundred goat herders to torture them publicly at … Guantanamo Bay.” Jones says the real leaders of al-qaeda and the Taliban were escorted safely, flown out before the war started to Pakistan and paid in gold bars by the US federal government. 

In this part George W. Bush is shown speaking at the UN about how we shouldn’t shift blame from the real culprits of the attacks by indulging in wild conspiracy theories. Alex Jones even slows down the tape so Bush is slowly saying “COnnnnspirracyyy theeoorrries.” a few times. He introduces another Bush clip saying that this is a carefully crafted speech as “Bush throws it in your face about dark cults of evil getting power off of human suffering.” Then it’s Bush accurately describing how evil the terrorists who attacked us. 

Bush says, “And in the terrorists evil has found a willing servant.” Alex is obsessed with the repeating feature on video editing software. He edits it where this line is repeated multiple times-  “Evil has found a willing servant. (repeat 2x)” The camera zooms in each time and on the last one the voice is lowered yet again because that sounds EVIL! 

Oklahoma City Bombing: An Interlude

Jones cuts to an interview he had with David Schippers, who was the chief investigative counsel for the House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearing of Bill Clinton. For some reason we’re back to talking about OKC bombing,

Again, from what I’m understanding they are up to something again in OKC. I don’t know what it is or what their target is but these same people are at it again.

Schippers says to Jones, 

I talk to people like you who are in the media, people who are really well aware of what’s going on and they cannot believe this could happen. Strangely enough the one people I haven’t heard from is the FBI intelligence people. Of course if I did hear from them I wouldn’t talk to them anyhow because they are totally incompetent.

The anthrax attacks were orchestrated by our government on itself to drum up fear. Jones introduces Vladimir Putin and just how evil he is with his connection to the FSB (successor to the KGB) and how he blew up apartment buildings in the 90’s to create fear in the Russian population so he could seize power. 

At this point in the film we get a montage of how America is giving up its freedom for security,

They have the nerve to tell American citizens that we must accept a National ID card in the name of safety. Use some common sense. The government tells us to leave the borders open even after Sept 11th and then treats us like slaves? Doesn’t make any sense unless you’re a slave master.

All Americans Are Terrorists I Guess

Alex Jones explains that YOU have been declared the terrorist. Ok. Well, he’s not going to just leave it vague. He has “an FBI flyer” he flashes all crooked and fast across the screen. Who are the terrorists according to the US government? Jones gives us a list:

  • Christians

  • Conservatives

  • Gun owners

  • Defenders of the U.S. Constitution

  • He again says defenders of the U.S. Constitution but puts an “EVEN” in front of it.

  • People that even make references to the U.S. Constitution

We see a clip of a police officer pulling over some random lady. He tells her to get out of the car and she says she did nothing wrong. This goes on for awhile and it’s pretty boring. She won’t tell him who she is and the police officer places her under arrest for resisting arrest. After the police bring her cuffed to the patrol car, then go through her vehicle reading off items. A book titled “Strategies of Submarine Warfare” and “Hidden Agenda” which I think is a book on the NASA secret space program. One officer says “Man, she’s into this weird crap.” The officer says, “She’s revoked her right to remain silent even though she don’t believe in our laws.”

Jones mocks the officers southern accent, which is weird because Jones has a sort of southern accent himself. “No trooper it’s you that don’t know our laws. You’re the one that’s overthrowing our Constitution, our Bill of Rights. Our country was founded on people not being stopped like criminals, like peasants being searched.” He shows Amendment V of the Constitution which pretty much says exactly what he just said verbatim.

Jones cuts back to the officers going through her car. Jones states, “The FBI training of our police has really paid off.” Jones then shows a clip of some dude getting held down by police after being pulled down by a police dog. He says, “Look at this poor guy, this is one of my listeners. They pulled him over. The SWAT team attacked him. He was unarmed. They released the police dog on him and held up two jumper cables on the news and said ‘Look! Pipe bombs!’” Jones states that a month later they admit that all the charges were false, “but that didn’t stop them from having a little fun, a little manhunt. There’s nothing like it here in the new Rome.”

Oh we have an update on the list of terrorists:

  • Christians who believe in the Second Coming of Christ

  • Homeschoolers

  • Gun Owners (again)

  • Anyone who cares about freedom

  • Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ

  • Anyone who discusses a NWO conspiracy theory

And then immediately after this Jones proves he’s a terrorist by propagating NWO conspiracy theories. showing multiple clips of NWO speeches by GHW Bush and Dan Quayle. 

The Patriot Act and the Militarized Takeover of the USA

Alex Jones brings up the The Patriot Act,

Under their definition [of terrorism] jaywalking is now a terrorist action.

Here we see Ron Paul going after the Patriot Act. Jones says Paul said, “the founding fathers revolted over much lighter forms of tyranny”. Now time for the “evidence” of the “Total militarized takeover of the United States of America”. Jones says,

Back in 1999 Texas got hit by six black helicopter raids, police stations on fire, military checkpoints, mayors throwing them out of their cities. Police chiefs going public. We have Czechoslovakian troops running around firing automatic weapons. And this was not a drill. This was to condition the public to acclimate them to accept the military with foreign troops working with our local police.

Showing footage of Delta Force and Czech troops fucking up Texas, Jones sarcastically says, “but I thought black helicopters didn’t exist.” We revisit Waco siege. He weirdly keeps saying the phrase “wooden churches full of men, women, and children” over and over again. Going full on Michael Moore again Alex Jones FINALLY inserts himself into his own documentary. He’s in Oakland, CA in 1999 (you know BEFORE 9/11!). He says,

Marines have come in for Operation Urban Warrior. What should be deemed “Operation Desensitization of the Population”. They have role players, they have fake camps set up. You name it! We’re going to take you in and show you what’s happening.

Over the megaphone some globalist working for the NWO says, “Attention, Attention American forces are here to help. Please remain calm! We will not tolerate civil disobedience.” Jones says that he’s been to dozens of these military training operations where he says they hire hundreds of actors to beg and scream “We’re Americans! Please don’t put us into camps! Don’t take away our guns!” Jones shows clips of various training operations. Everyone is laughing between sessions. The soldiers, even the actors! 

Jones says this is happening all over this country. But mentions Swansboro NC in 2000. (Again PRE-9-11!) The US military is preparing for a police state. He asks, “Is this Russia?! Is this Mexico?! NO! It’s the new America.” 

We get yet another pre-9/11 example of tyranny: Hebron Maryland 1998. The military have children in white t-shirts going door to door asking if the homeowners own guns. Jones works himself into a panic saying, “And of course they had an obsession with the youth. Large gangs of young children roving around day and night with the police and the marines looking for the insurgents.”

Jones makes sure we all know despite saying all this he is not against our police or our military. Jones says in Feb of 2002 two special forces trainees were killed by a sheriff’s deputy. He said they were trying to disarm him. Jones is making this seem like this is an example of military taking over local police forces, but the very words from some article he flashes quickly and pans through calls it a tragic error during a training exercise with role playing involved. Jones jumps to this conclusion, “They were trying to take over local law enforcement. This is the new type of training our military are being given - to overthrow the civilian government, the elected government.”

Jones decides to spend the last act of the film doing an extremely boring interview of an anonymous former USMC officer who says he gave civilian law enforcement training. The highlight of the interview is when Jones is shocked the marine raided the home of a Pawn Shop owner. 

One cop even politely says to Jone’s camera man “There are some people here that we would ask that ah… well hang on a second (as he sincerely looks at the camera) why would you want that on camera?” But of course Jones narrates directly after this, “Well, because we want to expose the secret police! We want to expose how you are working with the military, how you are running checkpoints on I-35 in Central TX.

Of course what Alex Jones film would be complete without him yelling at random people through a bullhorn. He yells, “This is completely fake, ladies and gentleman” as a local news anchor is attempting to present the news on camera. The newscaster just ignores him but then when she wraps she gives Jones the death stare as he smirks like a little kid who enjoys being a little rascal! We’ll put this clip on instagram. 

We see how the neocons are wanting to use torture against terrorist but see guys WE the American people are now the terrorist so they are going to torture us! 

FEMA Are The Real Terrorists

But who’s going to do the torturing you may ask? Jones answers, “FEMA: The Ministry of Love.” 

It’s FEMA camp time guys! Jones lets us know that for years the NWO have been preparing concentration camps. These camps have chains and bolts in the floor, but they also have cots so that’s confusing. Jones asks a police officer who is familiar with some of the camps if he’s heard about the chains and bolts in the floor. He says, “No I sure haven’t”. 

Just so everyone is aware, the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2001 is an “Adolf Hitler wish list. They talk about how to deal with the millions of dead bodies, how they are going to round us up, how to herd us into compact cities. How to use slave labor at the different federal camps.” Jones explains that the military has already been doing this since 1989. He said you can go to the army’s website and read all about it in detail. 

Some Random Fun Facts About the NWO

Ultra low frequency mind control is happening. Also, chemtrails are happening.

They are indoctrinating our children “soviet style”.

He briefly mentions Columbine. Then calls FBI agents doing mass shooting protection drills at schools after Columbine “Dark Lords” and “Ringwraiths”.

Police officers are shooting their fellow cops and kids in the face in these mass shooting drills, just so you know.

Heartland Christian school apparently had a great track record of reforming troubled youth. Jones is pissed that child protective services took 165 of the kids without a warrant and didn’t charge anyone and eventually released the kids.

Alex Jones shows a clip of a cartoon and says “If we were to show you all the evidence in children’s cartoons and media of face scanning, thumb scanning, national ID cards, and overall police state this film would be 10 hours long.” 

Guys, it’s not just at the Austin TX DMV, children will have to scan their thumbs to get their school lunches and their parents will have to do the same to get food from the grocery store! - Oh also, Onstar is tracking you. 

Oh yay! Jones is recycling the documentary Dylan talked about in our last episode. The DMV thumb scanning debacle. 

Robots are taking over! Microchips are coming! “I live in a Nazi Germany Twighlight Zone!” Jones says. He shows a news clip of a family that really want to be microchipped.

Ted Turner and the phony Environmental movement such as Greenpeace are going to steal private property and do mass population reduction. 

There is no global warming. It’s a hoax. Ozone depletion is a hoax too. 

Fluoride causes retardation in children. AJ says those that say fluoride isn’t dangerous are “Flat Earthers”. 

Aspartame is the biggest killer in the US. Vaccines are evil. 

The film FINALLY ends with Jones looking at the camera saying, 

You’ve seen the historical record. You’ve seen the facts the government sponsored and controlled terrorism in the final decades of the twentieth century, going into the new millenium in 2001. This is a call to arms. A call to the information war to wake up your friends, your family, people in your community, your churches, your universities, your schools and to realize what we are facing. My friends, the evidence is absolutely overwhelming and cannot be denied. All you need to do is check out all the information we have presented here.

We’re going to look at some more of the evidence … it’s voluminous to say the least, but we’re going to cover some of it. Ah, if we tried to cover it all this film would be several hundred hours long, literally.

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