Episode 40: Sherry Shriner - Taylor Swift is a Reptilian Alien and Only Orgone Blasters Can Save You

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Sherry Shriner has it all: aliens, demons, orgone weapons, Taylor Swift, vampires, and MURDER!

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Who is Sherry Shriner?

According to her website, she is,

Servant, Prophet, Ambassador, Daughter, and Messenger of the Most High God -  Just as my ancient grandfather King David stood against the Giants in his day with no Fear, so will I stand against the Giants in these last days with No Fear. The Lord is My Strength.

She even has a Patreon page! Sadly, she currently only has 8 patrons. If you think we should have more patrons then Sherry Shriner, sign up today! 8 patrons isn’t too bad when you’re dead (Sherry Shriner died in 2018 of natural causes). In 2014 she did raise $150,000 with a Go Fund Me campaign for her “research”. I refuse to be out-funded by a dead conwoman. Please go to Patreon now and become a patron for None Dare Call It Ordinary. Go to patreon.com/nonedarecallitordinary. Even if it’s just one dollar a month. If all our listeners were to pitch in a dollar, that would cover operating costs and we could devote much more time and effort in exposing this garbage than we do now.

Join God's army on Earth tearing down the Strongholds of Satan and his New World Order. If you like my channel please support it with tithes, offerings, alms, whatever you can do. I can't do it without your help. The Lord stood me up in 2001 to become His Messenger and Prophet to the Nations. Several years later I was blacklisted by the government and media. I have weekly podcasts and have written several books where I reveal and have revealed truths you won't find anywhere else.

People have been using my information for years in their books, lectures, and videos and don't credit where they got it from - me.  I have no sponsors or outside income and I don't belong to any groups, associations, or organizations. I am on my own with just your help and support to teach, educate, and inform mankind in whatever God leads me to say or do.

I need help. With your support I can keep making videos and podcasts revealing truth bombs of the lies being told today and what's really going on such as cloning, replacements, soul scalping, the different groups and factions involved, how it relates to the prophesied End of Days and so much more. My enemies want me to shut up and try to destroy me with their constant assassination attacks against me.

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This is her first message:

Hello folks,

Join me in my ministry and war against evil and the Strongholds of the devil. Your tithes, offerings, and support allow me to continue my battle here on earth for the Most High God to destroy the works and power of Satan and his minions, and to help lead the people back to the Father, the Most High God.

Can you tithe to an online ministry instead of a literal church? Yes. You should be supporting the shepherd who is feeding YOU and helping YOU grow in your faith to God Himself.  Support those who are helping YOU and not just lining their own pockets for themselves.

Many in the literal churches today are not being fed the truth, or knowledge, or taught how to have a relationship with the Most High. As a shepherd I do all these things in my ministry that includes 3 podcasts a week, multiple websites, and videos.

As a Prophet of the Most High I serve HIM direct and I speak as He leads.

I have been on the government and media blacklist for over 10 years and I cannot be heard without  your help.

Thank you.

Her page currently has only one goal, for 400 patrons:

I would like to see at least 400 people stand up for the Lord in these Last Days and show their loyalty to Him in tearing down the strongholds of Satan as Faction Four of the 144,000 on this earth battling against our Father's enemies. If you like my channel please support my channel.  Your support helps me to maintain what I'm doing now, which is making videos and podcasts to educate and inform you and build an army for Him. I also reveal what the Lord has me say or reveal to mankind and be heard by the nations. I also need funding for travel to build orgone walls inside and around this country and network with other Warriors in this army to get His Will done on Earth.

Reptilian Shapeshifters

Taking a page from the Almighty Icke, Sherry Shriner was convinced that many people in politics and media are really reptilians in disguise. She has videos of the subterfuge being unmasked by the likes of Rihanna. She also has a video montage of clones who are malfunctioning. Apparently, the most common malfunction is identical to simply fainting.

She also believes that facial bruises are marks of the beast. The reptilians suck out the souls of politicians and other people in power (like the Pope and Justin Bieber) and replace it with another. This is called “Soul scalping”

In their insane desire to have human bodies as their own, Aliens have perfected the ability to take a person's soul out of their body and put it 'elsewhere.' This gives them access to a human body devoid of a soul. The body is a shell, a carcass, and they can take over and possess this body and use it for themselves.  This is termed as "walking-in." There are two types of walk-ins. Aliens can walk-in and possess a live human body, and/or a dead human, or in this instance, a live human who had their soul removed and then their body was taken over and walked-in by an alien.

What happens to the souls? What is a soul? A soul is what makes you-you. We are souls, and our bodies are just shells that cover our souls. Can we exist outside our bodies? Yes, as a spirit, in spirit form. The aliens are kidnapping humans and taking out their souls and then putting these souls in storage containers, even boxes, and then taking over the human bodies as their own.

The person who was abducted and kidnapped is not dead. They are still alive, but now as a soul, they are trapped in that container or storage box they were put into. They become prisoners imprisoned in these storage containers with no way out.

One of the side effects of soul scalping is apparently facial bruises.

But one high profile catch was Taylor Swift

On August 18th, 2017, Swift wiped her Instagram account clean. On the 21st, she posted three silent 20 second clips of a creepy snake. Sherry Shriner notes that this was “THE DAY of the eclipse.”

So, what was Shriner’s interpretation of Swift’s social media strategy?

I commented saying I didn't believe Taylor Swift was still alive and that they're probably using clones of her (organic robotoids) and that perhaps whatever occupied this body that looked like her...wasnt quite human. I know ppl have a hard time getting their head around that kind of thing but do some research...they've had the technology to create duplicates of ppl since right after WWII and they use it all the time. They typically kill the original person after they have their DNA. A real life puppet … they use it ALL THE TIME (many famous ppl are dead and their clones are being used as a "cash cow" for the industry)”

But perhaps a better explanation was that it was an ad for the first single “Look What You Made Me Do” for her new album Reputation. The music video for the song features a lot of snake imagery. But this still leaves unexplained WHY Swift opted for the snake imagery. Sherry Shriner thinks it just confirms her theory,

The entire video is basically about how they killed her and are using clones of her. The video starts out showing a grave stone with her name on it and she sings about how she didn't like being controlled and the role they made her play. They show her in a white dress dead in a coffin in the ground...then suddenly shes crawling up out of the ground and you see her in a bathtub of diamonds (diamonds represent fallen angels) and now her eyes show shes not quite human. Then they show her on a throne with snakes all around it where she's singing about "I make my rules up from the dead, I do it all the time." She goes on to sing about how life goes on for everyone else except for her. And she has a vengeance against those who killed her.

Notice the part in the song where she's on the phone and she says "The old Taylor can't come to the phone right now....Why?...Oh...CUZ SHE'S DEAD!" Then all the clones of her talking to each other. Check this sh__ out.”

But, maybe there is a different explanation? It turns out the Swift has a reputation (get it?) of being associated with snakes, specifically the snake emoji.

They first appeared after an incident with then boyfriend Calvin Harris. He released a hit song featuring Rihanna called “This Is What You Came For”. Swift’s team publicly said that Swift had co-wrote the song under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. This prompted Harris to go on a Twitter tirade that she had used the pseudonym on purpose and didn’t like being made to appear like the bad guy, like he had stolen her work or didn’t want her getting credit. A trend started where people who sided with Harris started dropping snake emojis on her Instagram accounts.

The snaking continued with her beef with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Kanye released a song called “Famous” with the following lines:

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ I made that bitch famous.

Swift’s team reacted harshly about the misogynistic message and never approved the use of the word “bitch”. Then Kim Kardashian tweeted the following:

Wait it's legit National Snake Day?!?!? They have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days!

This was followed by everyone else flooding Swift’s social media accounts with snakes yet again.

So, in short, Swift was trying to reclaim the snake imagery and the video was about the death of her reputation and the rebirth as something new. Well, that or her actually being an organic robotoid. You decide!

Space War?!

On Dec. 5 2017 Patreon post, Sherry Shriner claims a space war is afoot. “White Hats” say an earthquake in Dover, Delaware was actually an attack on the airport for trafficking drugs from Afghanistan. Shriner’s first suspicion was that “they” nuked Joe Biden’s DUMB[ASS] (“Ass” has to be assumed because it just ends with ellipses. But she adopts a far more reasonable interpretation: A space war.

People are hearing noises from space. Could be a war, or craft breaking the sound barrier as they come into our dimension. I’m sure CERN is busy as well.

She thinks some sort of “Event” could happen on the 25th, but doesn’t say what the event is. But always being savvy, she uses this opportunity to sell her Orgone blasters so people living near Chicago can “pound” the O’Hare airport with the stuff.

Draining the Swamp

Like the Qanon crowd, Sherry Shriner was convinced that there would mass arrests of the “NWO cabal swamp led by Bush-Queen-Pope”. One evidence of this provided on Nov 7 2017 was… an article about the arrest and possible murder of Saudi prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd after Mohammed bin Salmon’s purge. So I guess MBS is a White Hat?

A Vision

In a Nov 7 post, she describes a vision she had. A large creature (explicitly “not of this world”) was on top of a building. She says “It” was five feet tall but I’m not sure if she meant the creature or the building. She saw the military shooting at the beast. She took this vision to explain why the military was moving into cities. No, it wasn’t JUST to impose martial law, but to combat creatures like the one in her vision. Where are these creatures coming from? Of course from CERN!

CERN has been bringing in creatures from space and hiding them away in different places...eventually the creatures will be released to roam the earth causing havoc and war against mankind.

After all, Lucifer did the EXACT same thing, so clearly it will happen again. Thankfully, there is a weapon: Orgone blasters! (Again, she’s good with the plugs).

I'm not sure how successful trying to shoot these things is going to be, but at least we already know what will work and that's my Orgone. It destroys evil.

Orgone Blasters

While Icke already has a lock on the whole Reptilian business, the unique thing Sherry Shriner is bringing to the table is ORGONE ENERGY. Orgone was originally postulated by Freudian Marxist Wilhelm Reich, who discovered a blue glow on a sample of sand he was viewing under a microscope. He came to explain everything via Orgone energy, including our orgasms or lack thereof. Shriner’s innovation was to explicitly weaponize Orgone in the fight against everything conspiracists hate, including “Satan, our government, assassins, witches, warlocks, Satanists and all those who love Satan and hated Yah”

Oh and don’t forget aliens and UFOs. Sadly, not even the Apostles could see what we are up against, including:

  • Satellite weapons

  • HAARP weather weapons

  • Chemtrails

  • Chip implantation

  • Vaccinations and flu shots

  • ELF (Extremely Low Frequency)  weapons

  • RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) weapons

  • Microwave weapons

  • … “it never ends”

Thankfully, the Lord told Sherry Shriner all about Orgone. So, what is it?

Orgone is a crystal based defense weapon using piezo electric energy that produces an ancient energy we know as Aether Energy. Aether Energy is a Positive life and healing energy. It is also known in some forms as Chi energy and the Bible Codes describes it as Yah's breath. It is seen as a blue aura around earth.

While Orgone has a positive healing effect on humans, it is detrimental to all other baddies. Aliens and Demons cannot stand being near it. Humans possessed by aliens or demons are burned, asphyxiated, and break out in rashes and boils if they are near Orgone. But it does so much more!

Absorbs and ELIMINATES chemtrails

Neutralize the evilness of the towers!

Repel evil entities and aliens, keep them out of your yard and home

Protect your home, yard, then cover your neighborhood, town, or city!! If you don't protect your areas they're going to be stomping grounds for the Anuk and demons! These last days, when the veil is lifted, are not going to be friendly!

Clean the air and help you breathe better. Orgone can help those with asthma and those with breathing problems.

Eliminates toxins, poisons and radiation from the air

Defeats chemtrails and keeps your skies clear

Improves breathing, helps those with asthma

Promotes natural health, keeps  you from catching every flu virus under the sun

Knocks out bad thunderstorms before they get to your area, chills out tornados headed your way

Asphyxiates evil, aliens can't breathe around it and it burns them!

Keeps demonic entities out of your home and yard.

Nullifies the effects of the strong subliminal messaging NWO towers erected everywhere

Stops ELF attacks

Helps you sleep better

Stops sleep abductions

Emits positive energy, evil can't stand being around it!

A defensive weapon in the last days to combat aliens and the NWO

Stops headaches and migraines, improves overall health

Those areas gifted with Orgone suffered the least amount of damage from Hurricanes

“David killed Goliath with a stone. We're killing the giants in our day with Orgone blasters that look like hockey pucks.”

Not only that, but as a little throwback to the Crystal Healing episodes you and Brent did, it turns out that Orgone also neutralizes crystal skulls! As Sherry Shriner says,

In Ohio they have the serpent mounds… And we went down several years ago, and the new agers were having this big brewhaha about the skulls. Remember that? They had this huge thing and rituals about the skulls, crystal skulls. And so just to piss them off we went down to the serpent mound area of Ohio and Orgoned it really well... I don’t what the whole reasoning was behind all that crystal skull stuff, but I assumed we sabotaged it with the Orgone.

Here’s a fun tidbit about Orgone from a New Republic article that we’ll get into more later,

Shriner sold her own version of the orgone shooter, available for purchase through one of her websites. She claimed the hunks of what appear to be oven-melted plastic and glitter would repel demons and kill aliens. Standalone orgone “rocks” retailed for $34, plus shipping.

How Should you use it?


If you’re dealing with demons, stuff your home with Orgone. Sure, they’ll be angrier than usual for a day or two, but then they will leave because they can’t be near “Yah’s breath”. Put it under your bed and in your bedroom to finally get a good night's rest. It can even help your kids!

Are your kids complaining of night terrors? Stop laughing at them and put our Orgone in their bedrooms.

And only then you can start laughing at them again.


If you see a bunch of UFOs skulking around your home, saturate your yard, neighborhood, AND TOWN with Orgone and watch them disappear. Yes, TOWN. Are you not committed to Yah’s plan? They might even crash; if you see stories about “meteors” on the news you know that really those are falling UFOs.

Sure, there are ALTERNATIVES to Orgone...

You can wage spiritual warfare via prayer, but you would have to CONSTANTLY be on alert and constantly pray. Also, by the time you start you are already under attack.

You could anoint your home with holy oil, but it wears off after a week or two and you have to keep anointing.

Orgone does not have these flaws. It never runs out and emits Ather Energy every second of the day.

Maybe you think Orgone is a bunch of bunk science. Well, there are two possibilities. You might simply not be much of a threat to Satan, so you don’t understand the constant warfare that Sherry Shriner and her ilk are involved in. Or, you are part of the NWO cabal aligned with Satan to destroy Shriner and the truth she has to reveal.

You also need to be careful and get the right KIND of Orgone. What Yah likes and Shriner sells is POE: Positive Orgone Energy. But all over Ebay and the Internet people are selling DOE: Dead Orgone Energy. Satan LOVES DOE because it is evil energy.

Just because someone else calls their product "orgone" doesn't mean it is! Beware of Ebay sellers that claim they sell Orgone! If they add or subtract ingredients to their Orgone, it ISN'T Orgone but something else! And it certainly won't do the same things my Orgone does! In fact their's can harm you! They're part of the problem, not the solution!

Neutrino Detector…?

The Super-Kamiokande is a neutrino detector built in Japan. Or at least that’s what THEY want you to think! Really, it is a device which attempts to treat Orgoned air and turn it into DOE, which Satan and aliens and all the rest are really into.

The White House is even installing one of these devices. In 2011, the New York Times reported on a giant construction project outside the White House. At the time of reporting, the project had been going on for 17 months. Every day, massive concrete blocks were lowered several stories into this mystery hole. The official story has been murky. One official said "It is security-related construction. Even we don't know exactly what." Two news cameramen joked about the mysterious nature of the project.

“It's all about air-conditioning, right?" said one when asked what he knew about the work being done.

“Yeah, that's right," replied another, with a smirk. "Air-conditioning.

But, thankfully, they don’t work! Stupid Aliens!

Bible Codes and Orgone

Of course, Orgone is mentioned in the Bible Codes. Specifically, it can be seen as:





Brown circle

What? You think it’s wrong to associate these random phrases with Orgone Blasters? That sounds like some satanic talk to me.

Sherry Shriner loves to imagine how fucked Satan is going to be when he goes one on one with Orgone powered Jesus:

Can you imagine the shock and horror of the Man of Sin to arrive as a "God" or "Messiah" and he's covered in boils? LOL! And the laughter of God's people!! Satan won't be able to heal himself yet he can "heal" others to try and persuade them of who or what he is? The Bible Codes says it's COMICAL and an "Embarrassing Defeat" of Satan's forces who fully intend on arriving as "angelic hosts."

Those OTHER Christians

Sherry Shriner has a real problem with Christians who aren’t doing anything to fight the NWO:

There are so many "Christians" today who think it's their job to just sit on their butts and do nothing about the NWO but argue and rail against those who are doing something to battle against it for the Most High here on earth. It's not our duty as HIS people to EVER sit on our butts and just wait on Him, HE uses HIS PEOPLE to implement HIS PLANS. Even if it's just one person, or a band of 50, or 500, HE will accomplish His purposes through them.

It's easy to see how one of Satan's coming biggest defeats on earth is handed to him by just a handfull of people who love the Lord in WALK and talk. Why? Because the majority of believers today are sleeping, lazy, fearful, and kidding themselves of who and what they think they are in the Lord. In reality a fragment, a group of people out of the 144,000 who are already awake and know who they are in Him are the first ones to toss the NWO it's first major defeat and victory for Yehovah! Many people today are in denial of who they are. Inwardly they know they were born for a reason to be here in the last days because I hear from MANY of them. They just fight it, and in reality are fighting HIM and losing reward for being cowards and fearmongers and who will lose their position and rewards in Him if they don't get off their butts and start fulfilling His calling He has for them. If you feel led to do something then do it! Your instinct is usually HIM trying to get your attention!

Vampires and Zombies

Hate to break it to you, but vampires and zombies are totally real. There’s even a secret government agency that handles them: The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. There’s a link to said agency, but I THINK it is part of a campaign for a comic book series FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency or it’s a fan site. But Sherry Shriner either thinks this site is for real or is simply exploiting the gullibility of her readers to sell more orgone blasters, because Orgone blasters are effective on vampires and zombies too! Praise Yahweh!

Some History Lessons

Back when Noah was doing his thing, fallen angels (i.e. ALIENS) abducted and impregnated human women. The children born to these women were giants, the biblical Nephilim. And, of course, these fallen angels were also fans of crossbreeding with animals. However, we could not find biblical confirmation of this. Because the Last Days will be like “the days of Noah”, and we are LIVING in the Last Days, we are also experiencing rampant alien abduction, hybridization, and crossbreeding.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but the abductions and impregnating are still going on. And the Nephilim are still with us… only asleep! And that’s why the title of my next section of the podcast is titled...

Obama, Eisenhower, the Aryan Race, Aliens, Hitler, Giants, and Why Everyone, Simply EVERYONE is Moving to Antarctica

In 2016, in a YouTube video titled “Antarctica, Giants, Events Coming Up”, Sherry Shriner fills us in on the 2016 election, giants, and why everybody is moving to Antarctica. Wait, is that news to you? Shriner says, quote:

One of the things that’s caught my attention lately is all the drama with the Antarctica. You know, it’s certainly not something we’re used to even hearing about. I’m pretty sure I always thought the Antarctica was small patch of ice down on the South Pole. And whenever they show you pictures of the Antarctica, they show you a few little buildings for scientific and research and stuff like that. They don’t, you know, they’re never made a big deal out of Antarctica, ever. And now it’s in the news a lot. Come to find out, hey, Antarctica is pretty big. It’s two times the size of the United States. Who would have thought? All you ever see is a patch of ice and snow, maybe some mountains and glaciers melting, so they want you to think, and push their global warming. Couple of theories going on.

Obama was in Antartica a couple months ago. And then that started a trail of EVERYBODY else heading to the Antarctica. The Pope’s been there, the Russian Orthodox leader’s been there, all these Illuminati families are heading down there. So there’s obviously something they want to see with their own eyes, you know. Especially if there’s something interesting going on because Obama, as wishy washy as he is, and the bench rider that he is on all things, he always likes to see things with his own eyes or hear it with his own ears. He’s one of those kinds of people. And so, there’s something going on down there to see...

So, what is it that these Illuminati leaders are congregating towards? Underground cities of course! These underground cities connect places as distant and disparate as Antarctica, Mongolia, and Nevada. Again, the real conspiracy is that global warming is totally real and they just want to get dibs on the only place humans will be able to live. Who runs these cities? Sherry Shriner tells us they are the, quote, “tall whites.” Who or what are the tall whites? Shriner has the answer. Quote:

Tall whites are a tall Nordic race. Very blonde, very blue eyed. And these are the Aryan race that Hitler referred to. When he wanted to create the Aryan race, it wasn’t a German Nazi race he wanted to recreate on earth. It was after these tall whites, this alien race. He called them Aryans.

It should be noted that Hitler ran into these aliens by happenstance while exploring the South Pole, just for the historical record.

According to Sherry Shriner, certain angels rebelled against heaven and wanted to fuck earth women. This resulted in the Nephilim, a biblical race of giants, as Dylan earlier mentioned. What Dylan didn’t mention is that this constant breeding and interbreeding and orgy of angel, animal, and human fucking all resulted in the Aryan angels separating themselves from Satan’s reptilian race. Shriner claims reptilians are fallen angels that, quote, “lost their looks.”

Even though these fallen angels are, quote, “pretty much reptilians”, she makes a clear distinction between your run of the mill Aryan and run of the mill reptilian. Shriner says, quote,

The watchers never lost their looks. You know, when they were judged they were just kicked out of heaven, they lost their angelic powers, but they never lost their looks. And so they still look very angelic, you know, very tall, very blonde, very blue eyed. And they didn’t lose their looks. And so they kinda made their own community around earth. And they were also very dominant in the Pleiades and the Andromeda Galaxy. They’re also very noted for living in Mt Shasta in California, but they moved to Hawaii.

Tech Exchanges

So, apparently the Aryans gave Hitler alien technology and the Greys did the same for Eisenhower. However, both races made the same stipulation: Germany and the United States couldn’t use it for war. The exchanges in technology took place in the mythic Hindu city of Shambhala for the Germans, and at Area 51 for the United States.

Oh, also, as part of the deal with the United States, the Greys were allowed to abduct people. However, the government had their own stipulation for that deal: the aliens could only abduct people if they kept a list of who they abducted and submitted it to the government.

The greys apparently broke their agreement with Eisenhower, however, and it turns out they were abducting more people that they were listing. And it got even worse, quote:

It was somewhere in Eisenhower’s presidency he realized they weren’t just abducting humans for breeding experiments. But they were eating them. They were eating them. And he was horrified. Totally horrified. And that’s when he had “In God We Trust” printed on the currency.

Shriner keeps it humble about her lack of knowledge as she then goes on to say that she’s not sure whether it was Eisenhower or FDR that first learned the aliens were eating people. But the important point is that it was discovered that they were eating people.

The Non-Anti-Semitic Part

Sherry Shriner says that all people in society that rise to wealth and power are allowed to only because they come from the same reptilian bloodline and, obviously, reptilians only look out for themselves. So, clearly there’s no anti-semitic overtones here. No way.

Getting back to Antarctica, turns out that the underground tunnels have two story tall doorways leading to the underground cities. And deep under the Arctic surface, there lie the giants and they’re in a coma. And they’re gonna wake up soon! Sherry says,

Yeah, there’s gonna be giants. Yeah, I’ve had visions of them. And it’s horrifying. You know, I’m not going to be horrified because I’m going to be in the hands of the Father… But when you see these things it’s like the kind of giant that you see in Jack in the Beanstalk... You’ve got thirty foot giants running after humans… And they’re gonna come to life.

They’re gonna come out their rocks and their caves and their stasis chambers under the earth, and they’re gonna come to life and they’re gonna to roam the earth. You know, and can you imagine one of them showing up in the cities populated as New York, and then people just running like crazy? Just like rats in a cage, a maze, try to run, get away from the giants. And they just reach down, they pick up a human and they take a bite and bite its head off, pull their limbs off, their legs and their… I saw this in visions, you know, and that’s why I know it’s going to happen. It’s crazy. It’s crazy.”

Shit Gets Serious

I agree with her, it is crazy. So, you might be thinking, “So what? This is just a goofy YouTube video. It’s no harm.” You might think that. You also might be right to think that... only were it not for the fact that you’d be WRONG. In a recent June 3, 2019 article for The New Republic called, “How YouTube Became a Breeding Ground for a Diabolical Lizard Cult” by Jake Flanagin, we’re informed about how, quote, “A mysterious murder reveals the ways in which the video-sharing site has spread conspiracies of all kinds—very much including those created by rightwing supporters of President Trump.”

Flanagin reports, quote,

On March 25, Barbara Rogers shuffled into the Court of Commons Pleas in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, with her dark hair parted neatly down the middle. She wore a plain cardigan and skirt over stockings with flats. Lowering her head between hunched shoulders, she averted her eyes from the scrum of snapping cameras. The 44-year-old looked more like a dazed child than what she was alleged to be: a doomsday cultist who murdered the love of her life.

The events that brought Rogers to court unfolded two years prior. In the early hours of July 15, 2017, Rogers shot 32-year-old Steven Mineo in the head, at point-blank range, in his Coolbaugh Township home. The wound was fatal. “My boyfriend had a gun,” she told a 911 dispatcher, about 20 minutes later. “He told me to hold it here and press the trigger. Oh my God, he’s dead!”

Later, Rogers told police that the pair had recently been ousted from an online cult, and that Mineo had become so distressed as a result that he lost the will to live. According to reports, Mineo handed Rogers a .45 caliber semi-automatic Glock, sat cross-legged on the floor, and asked her to put a bullet in his skull. The truth of this account remains in dispute—the sole corroborating witness, after all, is dead—and his admitted killer reportedly changed her story several times afterward. None of it was sufficient to convince a jury of Rogers’s innocence. On March 29, she was convicted of murder in the third degree.

Which online cult was this? You guessed it! Sherry Shriner’s! (but again, for legal clarification, we’re not saying that this is a cult. We’re saying that the New Republic article says it is and that it seems like that’s maybe probably right). Flanagin continues,

The schism that sundered Shriner and Rogers also had its roots on Facebook. The beef between them was both literal and figurative. In April 2017, Rogers posted to Facebook a seemingly benign appreciation of steak tartare. “This is the best thing ever with cut up minced garlic,” she wrote.

Shriner took this to mean Rogers was not human, but a reptilian occultist. “That means she’s into ingesting blood,” she wrote on Facebook in May of that year. “Eating raw hamburger is a symbol that you are part of the vampire/succubus societies ... [Rogers is] a witch, I can confirm that at this point.

Shriner possibly levied this bizarre accusation against Rogers because, by her own admission, she did not approve of her relationship with Mineo. “Rogers was turning [Mineo] into an animal,” she wrote in a Facebook post published after Mineo’s death. “She pulled him away from those who cared about him.” According to his friend Laurie Alexander, he began to question certain points of Shrinerite theology. “He started to question some of the orgone stuff,” she says.

Alexander believes the raw-meat controversy was pretext for expelling Rogers from the ministry. Shriner perhaps believed that Mineo would return to the fold with Rogers out of the picture. “That was her M.O.,” Alexander says. “When someone went against her even a little, she declared them reptilian.

If this was Shriner’s plan, it failed. Siding with Rogers, Mineo produced a series of since-deleted videos for his own YouTube channel in which he condemned Shriner as a fraud, according to The Daily Beast. In the final installment, uploaded four days before his death, he declared members of the cult “mentally sick.”

Did Steven Mineo ultimately succumb to Shriner’s manipulative pressure, asking Barbara Rogers to shoot him? Or did Rogers murder her boyfriend in cold blood? The verdict—third-degree homicide—does not denote an intentional killing, but requires some showing of malice, or extreme disregard for human life, on the killer’s part. It indicates that the jury struggled to understand precisely what occurred. Over the course of a nine-hour deliberation, they peppered the judge with questions—about the meaning of intent, first- versus third-degree murder, and guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

In the meantime, Barbara Rogers will return to court for sentencing in June. The typical sentence for third-degree homicide in Pennsylvania falls between ten and twenty years imprisonment.