DMT God Chris Cantelmo Discord Chat Logs

Chris Cantelmo, who we covered in Episode 43, came down to our Discord to have a productive exchange of ideas. Below you will find a plain text export of the Discord chat. Enjoy!

Note: our Discord is public, but if you prefer your contribution to not be on this blog post just let us know and it will be removed.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 06:53 PMJoined the server.Got here through Reddit trying to listen to that DMT podcast. Chris Cantelmo is now officially the DMT king. That’s me of course. I’ve now had over 2000 breakthroughs.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 06:55 PMWhat's up!? I'm a machine elf. How may we help you?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 06:55 PMIf you want to know about DMT you should start talking to me and not about me.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 06:55 PMCool. I've got cancer and AIDS. How much DMT do I need?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 06:56 PMEveryone on earth is now obsessed with me and that is precisely the point. I’m a form of Jesus and I’ve finally become. All aboard.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 06:57 PMI know you're not one to prove things with evidence, but how do we know you're the real Chris Cantelmo? I'd hate to besmirch you.I'd like to join your cult. I need more hair for genius points. Kinda thinning in the front.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:03 PMForrest you bore me. I’m the Yale graduate you fear most. I’ve forgotten more science than you’ll ever know. You know I was a top HPLC chemist in the pharmaceutical industry for 35 years right? I am science. You are a like a scared little girl

JosephK 12-Jul-19 07:05 PMI'm sorry to bore you. How can I be forgiven?By the way, I'm actually a machine elf. I wasn't kidding. You're failing this test really bad. I'm giving you a synchronization from the DMTverse but you're totally not seeing it.

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 07:07 PMDon’t forgive Forrest he doesn’t deserve it.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 07:08 PMFuck you Dylan! I DESERVE THIS! Get out of the holy presence of this genius with your dilettante ignorance!

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 07:09 PMAT LEAST I’M NOT BORING CHRIS3

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:09 PMJust do your homework and research. You guys are constantly calling the kettle black. I am a scientists’ scientist. I was a published geneticist before I was 22 from my work with Dr. Wetmur at Mount Sinai hospital in 86-87. Don’t tell me about DMT and the stupid machine elves either. Terence was. great but he got scared off after 30-40 breakthroughs. I am a whole different Uber genius. You’ll bow to me before I even know your real name.1

JosephK 12-Jul-19 07:10 PMWell since I'm boring you so much, maybe you can recruit Dylan. He's a philosopher or something.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:10 PMDylan sounds a bit more reasonable. I promise you this: if you respect me you’ll learn. If you challenge me you’ll lose. If I speak with authority it is because I am the most experienced man on earth.1

JosephK 12-Jul-19 07:12 PMSomebody needs to tell Trump to get off of Discord and get back to work.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:12 PMNow wise up. Learn or fuck off. I’ll happily leave this mediocre discord to you unhappy soldiers fighting the wrong battle and losing the warForrest you really are an unloved unintelligent loser for sure

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 07:13 PMAw that’s just mean

JosephK 12-Jul-19 07:14 PMIt's true though. 2

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:14 PMI’m hyper competitive and I do not suffer foolsIf you attack me I attack back with a vengeance. You’ll find I am the gentlest soul to those who are earnest and well intentioned and in search of truth

JosephK 12-Jul-19 07:16 PMChris, how much DMT do I need to stop my thinning hair? I'll get you an image. I'm desperate.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:17 PMYou shouldn’t worry about your hair. It is your intelligence that is lacking.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 07:17 PMI thought they were linked. Help me get hair and I can become smart.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:18 PMForest are you jealous that I went to Yale and I’m a published chemist and a self made millionaire while you are pathetically sending out photos of your balding scalp as your crowning achievement?

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 07:18 PMHaha “crowning” achievement that’s some good word play.3

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:19 PMI’m the smartest man on earth you see.3

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 07:19 PMAlso Forrest you are beautiful even with thinning hair.2

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:20 PMI’m sure Forrest is beautiful. Just open your mind and you’ll see I am the best friend for which you have always yearnedDon’t fight Chris Cantelmo you will lose. Fighting against truth is a fool’s errand.If you guys want to interview me in the podcast it’ll be your biggest rated fir sure.1Adios

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 07:23 PMLatter Chris have a wonderful day

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:24 PMYou guys too!

JosephK 12-Jul-19 07:24 PMBye Chris! Thanks for stopping by!

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 07:25 PMBtw that puff atop my head wasn’t there before DMT1

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 07:26 PMSee Forrest there is still hope for you!

JosephK 12-Jul-19 07:26 PM

leocohen 12-Jul-19 07:43 PMJoined the server.1

Hal 12-Jul-19 07:44 PMJoined the server.1

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:02 PMJoined the server.1

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 08:04 PMOh shit NOW IT’S A PARTY

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:06 PMLol Staring at the sun helps you see better and he wears glasses. DMT makes your hair grow back and he's bald.He went to Yale but hes

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 08:07 PMWhy are you ignoring the PUFF1

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:07 PMYeah i know right I need proof it wasnt there before

JosephK 12-Jul-19 08:08 PMProof is for the weak.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:08 PMWhy would i even question itYou're right1

JosephK 12-Jul-19 08:08 PMNow you've got it.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:11 PMAwww shithere it comes (edited)

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:11 PM3..12...11....1

JosephK 12-Jul-19 08:11 PMCHRIS IN THE HOUSE!

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:12 PMHype!

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:12 PMboinkstar I have astigmatisms since birth. I stare at the sun and my vision is great. You say things without evidence. You are a childish little cunt

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:12 PMThanks

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:12 PMI expected more after all that typing...

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:12 PMNice glasses

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:13 PMboinkstar be a man

JosephK 12-Jul-19 08:13 PMDude, show some respect. When he types he thinks this shit out.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:13 PMYou know you state claims without evidence

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:13 PMYALE!

JosephK 12-Jul-19 08:13 PMThey're all extremely specifically chosen words. Don't rush genius.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:13 PMDo you ever stare at the sun boinkcreep?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:13 PMWeird to see you say that to meUmm noThat's silly (edited)

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:13 PMBoinkcreep focusSo you should stfu about the effects of staring at the sun.You have ZERO to addYou are a human MINUS

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:14 PMk

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:15 PM at the Sun: How Long Before You Go Blind?There’s a good reason why you hear so many warnings about it right before a solar eclipse. Damage can occur in a few seconds of staring directly at the sun.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:15 PMSo you think I am lying about staring at the sun?

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:15 PMScientists don't need to directly experience a phenomena to be able to describe its mechanisms and effects

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:15 PMI think you believe everything you say

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:15 PMEven though I did it in the video?

JosephK 12-Jul-19 08:15 PMLook what the morons at Healthline have to say.

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:15 PMI think you do it, and that its stupid of you to do

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:17 PMThese roles

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:17 PMAnd its dangerous of you to advise your teen and tween followers to do it

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:17 PM@leocohen you are a moron of you think scientists can state anything with certainty without experiential evidence. There is one scientist in this chat. Me. The rest of you are posers. I made millions as as a scientist. You guys got nothin

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:17 PMAnd now you are ill

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:18 PM@leocohen you are really brave here but a quiet little mouse when your middle age dweebs aren’t around trying to impress you

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:18 PMI don't think it would be ethical for scientists to conduct an experiment that forced people to stare at the sun

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:18 PMboonkcreep why are you so angry? Is it because I’m rich and famous and you live with your mom?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:19 PMLol your insults are weak

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:19 PMBut the burden of proof is on you because the scientific consensus is that it does cause damage

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:19 PMShould i disclose my income and prove my home ownershipand boast and brag like a crazy person

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:20 PM@leocohen repeat you are a moron if you think science can be authoritative without experiential evidence. Wise up kid or you’ll end up like boinkcreep

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:20 PMI'm extremely happy

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:20 PMNo boinkcreep just stop making claims without evidence

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:20 PMSo then why do you so authoritatively say that it doesn't cause damage without experimental evidence?Burden of proof is still on you

JosephK 12-Jul-19 08:20 PMIs this experimental evidence kinda like Molyneux type empiricism?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:20 PMYou do that and so will I

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:20 PMAnd your anecdotal story isn't enough

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:21 PM@leocohen you moron I stare at the sun 5 minutes per day every day. In what asinine world of yours is that not experiential evidence?

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:21 PMIt's by definition not a scientific experiment

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:21 PMEating your own shit will make you live longer!Just trust me. I went to a school once

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:22 PM@leocohen why isn’t my evidence good enough? Because you don’t like it. You are a very small intellect. Moron in fact.

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:22 PMNo, its not good enough because its not a scientific experiment, and is not published in any peer reviewed journalI have no dog in this fight1

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:23 PMYou guys are so imbecilic. Adios. boinkcreep your wife fantasizes about me while you’re banging her once a month.1

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 08:23 PMSee you later, Chris!

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:23 PMShe likes dudes with hair

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:23 PMAdios

JosephK 12-Jul-19 08:24 PMChris is the gift that keeps on giving.

leocohen 12-Jul-19 08:24 PMI guess now we know what the "new and more civil" Chris looks like

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 08:24 PMThis conversation reminds me of those cartoons with Wiley Coyote and the sheepdog2

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:24 PM@None Dare Call It Ordinary! You were right about it being a party1It blows my mind that he talks about his perfect vision with glasses on

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:29 PM@boinkstar hey boinkcreep I never said I had perfect vision. In fact I stated I have astigmatisms. Are you as dumb as you are ugly and fat?You morons make shit up

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:30 PMYou have no proof that I am fat!

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 08:30 PMYou do nothing but straw man.boinkcreep judging by the half face you use as a profile photo you are overweight for sure. Don’t forget I am a medal winning Ironman triathlete. You live with your mom and your wife jerks off to me

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:32 PMSure.I cant respond to your ridiculous insults. I just don't have it in me.

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 08:34 PMChris is right. I sentence @boinkstar to DEATH BU LAUGHTER‘BY’

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 08:34 PM AhhhhIt begins in the sides

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 08:40 PMAnd then your throat muscles atrophy and you cough up blood with every guffaw.1

blahhumbuq 12-Jul-19 10:04 PMJoined the server.

tricoch 12-Jul-19 10:06 PMJoined the server.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:07 PMNew peeps in the house!

tricoch 12-Jul-19 10:07 PMJesus Chris impersonating the mids of r/CantelmoismExposed againMods

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:08 PMWelcome tricoch!

tricoch 12-Jul-19 10:08 PMWhat a shit show. Dude needs to get a life

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:08 PMOH CHRIS IS BACK!

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:08 PM@tricoch wrong again. I haven’t been active on Reddit in a while. But that shouldn’t stop you from spreading your lies and your thighs.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:08 PMHe's got not only a life but the secret to life. Have you not heard?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:09 PM@tricoch I need a life but you spend yours analyzing mine!!! I own you too

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:09 PMYou’re delusional

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:10 PMBoincreep stay in your lane

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:10 PMHey Chris, are you a Bitcoin carnivore? We're doing a podcast on that next and just wondering.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:10 PMYou all are obsessed with me as you should be. I’ve already gotten everything you all are pursuing. I won the race. It’s okay. Races need losers

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:11 PMJoined the server.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:11 PMBitcoin is the of zero interest

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:11 PMYou are psycho dude

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:12 PM@nerwndehat except that I am infinitely smarter than you are Crazy articulate.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:12 PMYou need to tell that to moon boys on Telegram that Cantelmoism is greater than Bitcoin.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:12 PMYou all will learn that attacking me is not in your best interest.@JosephK don’t tell god what to do

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:13 PMIs that a threat?

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:13 PMI see that you are working on improving your reputation Chris. V

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:13 PMYou’re not a god so....

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:13 PMboinkcreep everything is a threat to you because you are afraid of life.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:14 PMChris one day you'll realize that it's your own fault you were laughed off Reddit. Because you're a total fraud

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:14 PMI am god returned to save you. Those of you worth saving. Not boinkcreep

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:14 PMYou are not a god god damnit

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:15 PM@nerwndehat I own you too now. I’m laughing at you douche cupI am your only god kneel and pray to me. Your wife does.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:15 PMYou’re so weird dude

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:15 PM@boinkcreep you dream about me and secretly love me.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:15 PM@ChrisCGCantelmo Chris, did you learn your insults at Trump University?

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:16 PMI feel sorry for the guys of the podcast for stepping into your bullshit. No one deserves the harassment.3Great podcast btw

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:17 PMThanks @nerwndehat!2

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:18 PM@JosephK I did actually. In all seriousness I learned from Trump that truth does not matter because everyone has their own version thereof. What matters is getting people’s attention. I’m in the process of doing that. If you realize that everything I do and say is to get and keep your attention it will start to make sense.@nerwndehat you are a particularly weak minded loser

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:18 PMSo you don’t hate me?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:18 PMI love you and I’m here to save you

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:19 PMAww

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:19 PMOh, Chris is actually Scott Adams!

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:19 PMI only create monikers for those I really love. You gotta love boinkcreep

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:19 PMChris you can’t give your 4D chess strategy away.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:19 PMNo Chris is Chris Cantelmo Greatest Human Of All Tine.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:20 PMThat is for attention and not trueIf I have learned anything today

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:21 PMIt is a proven fact that Chris Cantelmo is the greatest human of all time. Time magazine and scientific American are doing a joint profile of me

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:21 PMChris you can't say you're a bullshit artist and then expect me to take you seriously.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:21 PM@JosephK I just did

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:21 PMThey are not doing a piece on himLol

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:22 PMYes they are. We are doing the filming in the Oval Office while melanoma (Melania) blows me

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:22 PMLolHow much you paying her?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:23 PMShe’s letting me work it off in her btw everything of substance I say is true. I admit I say obviously outlandish things to get your attention. I’m the greatest of all time at this you hereby agreeGive me a list of my scientific discovery claims and I’ll tell you why they are true

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:25 PMSpread your proof on your claims and if they are true someone will notice

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:27 PM@boinkcreep my job is to discover. Your job is to learn. You prove me wrong dweeb. You are not even a scientist so you wouldn’t know where to start

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:27 PMNot me obviously. But if it’s true and makes sense someone will noticeBut just “DMT cures cancer” does nothing and makes you look crazyDMT seems to affect the mind how can it attack cancer?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:30 PMForget the cancer shit then. If you don’t have cancer why do you care? Doesn’t it seem Interesting to you that everyone who has cancer and does ayahuasca or DMT loves it? Should you deny cancer patients any relief at all? Who the fuck do you think you are?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:30 PMFrom what I have read it makes you ok with death more than anythingAnd that’s fine

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:31 PM@ChrisCGCantelmo, I strongly suggest you get interviewed by my friend Dave Rube of the Rube Report.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:31 PMI have no issue with DMT and I know it can have positive effects for peopleBut a cure?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:31 PMYou know of course that the greatest asset to fighting disease is a good attitude right? You do know at least that much right? boinkcreep?Who cares if it cures if it at least helps? JesusI admit maybe my case was a fluke. So I shouldn’t discuss it?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:33 PMYou shouldn’t spread awareness as if it’s a miracle drug to cure cancer

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:33 PM@JosephK I’ll get interviewed and interview any open minded smart person. That leaves out boinkcreep and @nerwndehat

JosephK 12-Jul-19 10:33 PM@ChrisCGCantelmo Do you think building a cult on an irrational foundation is ethical?@ChrisCGCantelmo I'll try to set something up.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:34 PMChris I hear that haloperidol is proven to work.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:34 PMboinkcreep you shouldn’t spread your wife’s legs

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:34 PMYou’re like a child

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:34 PM@nerwndehat then take it yourself

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:34 PMI'm not crazy.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:35 PM@boinkstar thank you I am full of joy and wonder

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:35 PMDamnitI forgot

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:35 PM@nerwndehat you are a loser and nobody gives a fuck what you take

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:36 PMThank you for the very best schoolyard insults. I'm sure it will make people take you seriously.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:36 PMYou all truly love me you just can figure out how to express it. I adore you all so much right back. Thank you for loving me and believing in me!!!@nerwndehat yes I will insult you like the scared dumb low life weakling you ache to be recognized asboinkcreep loves me@nerwndehat loves me@JosephK loves me@leocohen loves me long time@blahhumbuq loves me@None Dare Call It Ordinary! loves me

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:38 PMHow about your mom?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:38 PM@tricoch loves me so goodMy mom loves all of you long time wrong timeI’m so glad you all spend all your waking hours thinking of meWhen you jerk off you will think of meI own youTry to jerk off without thinking of me now. Go ahead. Try it. Hahahahaha1

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:41 PMYou're the one that offered to do gay porn when you got 5k Twitter subscribers. I'll leave that to you.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:43 PM@nerwndehat yes. I said it earlier. If you view outrageous statements as my trying to gain and keep your attention you will see that obviously worked! Thank you fir agreeing I am right and I own you. I forgot about that. You haven’t. I win again. Go jerk off without dreaming of me. Queer.@nerwndehat keeping digging your hole. I own you. You love me. You jerk off to me and only me now.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:44 PMlol so sensitive. But if people can't trust your word, what good are you? You can't have it both ways.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:44 PMI’ll have it every way I want

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 10:44 PMI do love you, Chris.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:44 PM@nerwndehat I told you make a list of all my statements and I will tell you which ones are trueI love you all. I’m god here to save youMy new lady friend

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:45 PMHow about I just keep posting your statements, and people can decide for themselves about the nature of your character.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:45 PMYou paid for her

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:46 PMI’ve tasted her wet spots

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:46 PMSo have a lot of people

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:46 PMYes I paid to do a private porn scene with her true

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:46 PMWhen i take shits i think of you

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 10:46 PMIs that really you boink? I'm so damn confused. If it is, message me in mod chat

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:46 PMlol jk

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:47 PMYou take shits while jerking off boinkcreep?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:47 PMYesis there another way?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:47 PMAsk your mom

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:47 PMgood one

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:48 PMBtw the FBI is having me give a seminar on DMT at their LA headquarters. My agents are Peter Lee and Jerry Loza. I’ll get you Peter Lee’s number you can call him

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:49 PMNo you're notLiar! He's a liar

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:50 PM+1 (562) 409-1499

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:50 PMI'm goodI dont need to call i still wont believe youI believe nothing you say

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:50 PMCall and ask for Peter Lee and ask if I have offered to go under oath and take a lie detector test. Ask if he is arranging an FBI chemist to speak with me about the seminar. Do it you fucking fag!!!

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:51 PMNo homophobe

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:51 PM@boinkstar you are a low life scared pussy. One of you low life’s will have the balls to call.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:52 PMIf the FBI was involved they would be investigating you

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:52 PMI am the opposites of a homophobe. I offered to make a jerk off video for queers you queerSo you didn’t see the video I posted of the FBI agents at my house? You are a loser of losers. You guys don’t do your homework. Lazy fucks

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:52 PMSo you admit that maybe DMT does not cure cancer?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:53 PMYes I admit that. I cannot say for sure. All I can say is what it did for me and ask you to listen to what it did for others.I would not bet my kids’ lives that DMT cures cancer.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:54 PMI appreciate that much. Maybe your approach has been wrong

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:54 PMBut I would bet their lives that DMT is the best medicine for cancer patients

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:54 PMAs far as their mental state?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:54 PMI admit I make mistakes

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:54 PMwhile suffering?I can agree with you there

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:55 PMWhy don’t you just try ayahuasca or DMT so you won’t sound so ignorant?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:55 PMI bought everthing to do DMT but backed off after i found youYou scared me away

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:56 PMboinkcreep I’ll pay for you and your family to visit LA is you agree to do DMT with me

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:56 PMHonestly i wouldnt feel safe around you ChrisThere was a time i would have taken you up on that

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 10:57 PMYou’ll get over your fears then you can visitOnce you do it and see I’m right you’ll be my biggest asset and ass kisserEveryone who does DMT now agrees with me. Doesn’t that give you pause?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 10:58 PMI know DMT is powerful and i know that has benefits. I just dont agree with you approachLike stating things as facts to teens and people who are sufferingI know that a breakthrough can seem more real than real. And that can fuck you up in the real worldAs i believe we are seeing here

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:00 PMI’m not fucked up. You are. I have factual experience. You have uncertainty. Think about that

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:02 PMI suppose i dont want to know what is there. I dont want the thoughts to linger, I want to enjoy this place while i can. I'll have the experience in the end.Naturally when i'm supposed to.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:05 PMYou are choosing ignorance over knowledge. You admit you are a filthy swine that is why I treat you like one.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:05 PMFor someone with so much experience, you resemble a 14 year old edgelord

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:05 PMI dont admit to anything like that

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:05 PM@nerwndehat you can blow me

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:06 PMI'll let you continue to pay others for that

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:06 PMI admit to wanting to be able to function throughout life . I dont want the knowledge that comes with a DMT trip. Some people cant handle it. I have 3 children that need me to be here for them fully

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:06 PMboinkcreep anyone who publicly chooses ignorance over knowledge is a filthy swine. You pig. You earth pig

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:07 PMSay what you want but my life is for my kids. Not to spread the idea of DMT to everyone i come across. Or to sound like a crazy person when i talk to them about machine elves

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:07 PMboinkcreep your kids are better off without a filthy swine as a father. Earth pig

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:07 PMHow is your Ambassador to the Youth coming along?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:08 PMSee you cant carry a conversation at all.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:08 PM@nerwndehat you’re not done blowing me yet don’t talk with your mouth full

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:08 PMYour insults dont help your causenot to give you advice

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:08 PMboinkcreep I don’t need my case helped with an ignorant earth pig like you

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:08 PMYou're such a failure Chris. All that money spent on Reddit gold and your sub is in shambles.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:08 PMAT LEAST IM SANE!fuckGo fuck a hooker and inhale some DMTholy shit

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:09 PMYou can't even buy people properly

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:09 PMboinkcreep you are the opposite of sane. You just admitted publicly that you want to stay ignorant! Earth pig

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:09 PMNo that i dont want to do DMTI have read plenty of accountsI dont need to see it for myselfWhy dont you quit with the childish insults and be an adult

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:10 PMboinkcreep no you said you choose ignorance over knowledge. You said it for all the world to see!!!!!!!!!Earth pig earth pig earth pig!I’ll be an adult when you choose knowledge over ignorance

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:11 PMChis if i believed in god i would pray for you

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:11 PMYou don’t believe in god! You filthy loser

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:11 PMI'm not gonna start that debate

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:12 PMboinkcreep no wonder you prefer ignorance to knowledge. Do you want your kids to grow up to be as dumb as you or even dumber?

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:12 PMBut know i worry about your well being

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:12 PMDon’t worry about me.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:12 PMThe rest of my family has faithIts just me

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:12 PMWorry about he’ll because it exists

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:13 PMr/Cantelmoism will stand as a monument to your failure. No wonder you made it private for a while.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:13 PMOkay good for your family

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:13 PMI dont push my opinions on anyoneLike some people

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:13 PM@nerwndehat keep sucking my shaft dweeb. You’ll know when you’re done trust me

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:14 PMYou're not worth arguing with. Have a good night, and reflect on your failures.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:15 PM@nerwndehat just keep sucking and think of me when you jerk off. I’m a self made millionaire banging pornstars at my ranch in LA. Yeah I wish I was you dipshit. Keep sucking

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:17 PMWhy do you say those things all the time?

Dwarrowdelf 12-Jul-19 11:17 PMJoined the server.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:17 PMAt least my word can be trusted and I'm not putting on a clown show to ensure the destruction of my credibility.Or manipulating kids by giving them gifts

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:18 PMboinkcreep I’ve learned that in order to break through people’s ignorance you have to crush them completely. It’s like boot camp for retards

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:18 PMOr steering people away from effective medical treatment

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:18 PM@nerwndehat you said you were leaving you didn’t your word is dogshit like your mother’s mouth

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:19 PM@ChrisCGCantelmo Its not working thoughWho is successful that does that?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:19 PM@nerwndehat imbecile I never steered anyone away from effective medical treatment.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:21 PMNo you only called a cancer patient names

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:22 PMI'm just going to be honest Chris, you're not in a good place and you need professional help

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:22 PMboinkcreep it is working I am wearing you all down. I have already changed the dynamic. I own you. I know how this ends and what the end game is. You have to keep guessing. Little by little I’ll rob you of all your dignity and then build you back up as a better person. Ask anyone who knows me. I never lose. I’ll work 10 times longer and harder than all of you. I’m an Ironman champ. A valedictorian. A Yale star. A self made millionaire entrepreneur. I eat shitheads like you for breakfast.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:22 PMNarcissism enters the stage

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:23 PM@nerwndehat keep sucking boy

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:23 PMFor somebody who has experienced ego death so many times how can you act this way?

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:24 PMFor shitheads, we sure stopped your sub from growing awfully fast. And without paying people.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:24 PM@JosephK you taking this all in? See how it works? Get their attention. Destroy their ability to think or defend themselves. Humiliate them with their own stupid words. You’ll be amazed when I whip these dweebs into shape and make respectable men out of them@nerwndehat you grew my audience you dumb cunt keep sucking

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:25 PMThat's just not true. Cantelmoism regressed and lost subs, and hasn't gaines any for some time

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:26 PM@nerwndehat I thought you were leaving you liar.@nerwndehat hey dipshit Cantelmoism peaked out so we needed more subs created about us. You walked right into my plan douche

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:27 PMI decided to stay a bit longer and try to reason with you. You're right, it's probably a mistake.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:27 PMRemember I own you.

JosephK 12-Jul-19 11:27 PM@ChrisCGCantelmo Chris, how much Scott Adams do you read?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:27 PMKeep sucking @nerwndehat@JosephK zero. I do not even know the name

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:28 PM@ChrisCGCantelmo You should take the interview that was offered earlier

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:29 PMI'm just happy you so freely give me the high ground. We all know what happens then.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:29 PMI would like to see a non paid interview

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:29 PMI laugh at anyone who thinks they can beat me or wear me down. I eat up tension and strife. It makes me stronger.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:29 PMWith tough questionsTake the interview

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:29 PMI have considered doing it. I have a full studio.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:30 PMI said I will happily be interviewed by anyone. Anytime.Don’t be bashful. Free. I don’t charge yet for interviews. Get me while I’m cheap

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:30 PMI want to see how you react when you're not behind a keyboard and not funding the interview.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:31 PMThere was one offered earlier by @JosephK i believe@nerwndehat same

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:31 PMTyger Gruber is getting me on a podcast with almost 1 million subscribers. Once that happens game over

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:31 PMTyger disavowed you and deleted his interview of you from his YouTube

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:32 PMIs that the dude you got pissed at when he didn't agree with you on a world without money? @ChrisCGCantelmo

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:32 PMIt's only on your channel now

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:32 PMI accept. @JosephK just say where when and how I’ll do it happily for free. I’m the most interesting man in history. I can talk particle physics pussy and poetry.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:32 PMI guess $4k in studio equipment would make him do that for you

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:33 PMboinkcreep you are pathetic

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:33 PMYou know its trueDid you spend 4k on equipment?yes or no

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:33 PMOh you mean Tyger. Yes.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:33 PMand where is that equipment now?

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:33 PMHow much did you pay Alex hall for the interview and documentary?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:33 PMI bought him equipment.

boinkstar 12-Jul-19 11:33 PMShure sm7b nice mic

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:34 PMI did not pay Alex Hall

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:34 PMYou at least paid for transportation and room and board. What else?

AnimalPala 12-Jul-19 11:34 PMJoined the server.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:34 PMI paid for Alex to visit just like I offered youHe said yesYou are scared

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:35 PMJoined the server.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:35 PM@nerwndehat I paid for several people to visit. I offered the same here. You guys said noThose who take chances and say yes get rewards

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:36 PMI have no interest in being a paid puppet

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:36 PM@nerwndehat no one will ever pay you for anything keep sucking

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:36 PMChris is trying to bribe people

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:36 PM@Willtardis is a dumb retard

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:36 PMYou harass minors

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:37 PM@Willtardis blow me unless you are a minor. In which case kiss my ass

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:37 PMI want to hear an interview of Chris with this podcast crew3

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:37 PMI’m a minor, retard (edited)

JosephK 12-Jul-19 11:37 PMI'm going to try to set one up with Dave Rube.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:38 PM@Willtardis are you Down’s syndrome or just an imbecile?

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:38 PMChris hates me because I’m 15. He asking to me to suck him because he’s gay.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:38 PMDamn Chris you want to hit all the hate groups don't you?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:38 PM@JosephK cool. Can you try to get these losers on this discord to be respectful so I do not have to destroy their being?

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:39 PMLOL the irony, my sides

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:39 PM@Willtardis you are 15? You sound like you’re 11

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:39 PMYou sound like you’re 5Anyways how does that make it better. You’re just admitting to harassing minors

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:40 PM@Willtardis why do you have so few friends and no girlfriends? Why do girls laugh at you behind your back?

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:40 PMDude I have a girlfriend, also I have 15 friends. Who the fuck are yours?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:41 PM@Willtardis you came here and harassed me. Minor harasses am adult minor gets CRUSHED. you turd

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:41 PMYou would recruit well with the alt right. They love lies and insults.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:41 PM@ChrisCGCantelmo can you speak English. That sentence made no sense (edited)

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:41 PM@nerwndehat keep sucking. I hate the sky right they are hell bound

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:42 PM“I hate the sky” wtf does that mean?

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:42 PMThat's your natural target audience though

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:42 PM@Willtardis your mom is calling you get lost

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:42 PMMy mom is asleep

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:43 PMI meant I hate the alt rightTypoSue meRetard

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:43 PMAlso stop asking for dick picks Chris!

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:43 PMWhat are you putting your new youth ambassador in charge of?Will you disclose I'd you've given them anythinf if monetary value?Sorry for the typos

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:44 PMIt’s alright

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:44 PM@Willtardis if you are not retarded why does your name say otherwise? Will-tardis. Re-tardis. What a stupid ducking name

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:45 PMTardis is a thing from doctor who. Also people have said it before.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:45 PM@nerwndehat keep sucking keep your mouth full

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:45 PMAlso you really hate minors, god damnNo wonder your kids hate you

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:45 PMI thought you were about transparency.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:45 PMYes @Willtardis it is very stupid an unbecoming. Dr. Who? What are you 6?

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:46 PMDoctor Who is a British TV show. You’re the most retarded person here Chris.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:46 PM@nerwndehat transparently fellate me tool

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:46 PMNo wonder most people on the internet hate you

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:46 PM@Willtardis neener neener neener.

Dwarrowdelf 12-Jul-19 11:47 PMHoly shit he said it

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:47 PMI know you recruited the youth ambassador from Twitter, and they are underage

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:47 PMYeah yeah yeah. I can hear you cry in the corner Chris.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:47 PMYou all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:47 PMNo we didn’t.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:47 PMYou all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:47 PMYour just sad because you know it the truth. Admit most people hate you

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:47 PMYou all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:48 PMChris.exe stopped working

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:48 PMYou all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:48 PMWow. Talking to you Chris, is like talking to my 3 year old cousin.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:48 PMYou all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

leocohen 12-Jul-19 11:48 PMtbt - Chris when asked for evidence.296 votes and 11 comments so far on Reddit

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:49 PMLol. Chris never changes.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:49 PMYou all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:50 PMLet's sit out the tantrum.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:50 PMChris is having a fit again.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:50 PMWhere’s @leocohen my new girlfriend?You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:51 PMChris, stop being a sex offender

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:51 PMChris will you disclose how much you pay your inner circle, particularly Craigsyoga?

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:51 PM@leocohen said she would date me if I paid herYou all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

Dwarrowdelf 12-Jul-19 11:51 PMIf you're so intelligent chris, why do you type like shit. Half of your sentences dont make sense

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:52 PMNo she didn’t. Stop being a little bitch, Chris and grow up

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:52 PM@Dwarrowdelf you are so dumb nothing makes sense to you. Dipshit. Creep.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:53 PMChris is acting like a 2 year old right now when he can’t get what he wants.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:53 PMRepetitive phrases and word salad are a sure sign of mental illness

JosephK 12-Jul-19 11:53 PM@ChrisCGCantelmo We're not banning or silencing anyone Chris. This is the Battle of Ideas™.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:53 PM@JosephK watching how this works? I’m in total control. I decide the agenda.You all love me thank you for admitting it.You all love me thank you for admitting it.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:53 PMChris, you know you can get yourself banned for doing this. It’s called spam.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:54 PMIt’s not spam if it is a message from god

Dwarrowdelf 12-Jul-19 11:54 PMLmao

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:54 PMYeah. It’s just spam, Chris. (edited)

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:54 PMI’m god’s messengerYou all love me thank you for admitting it.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:55 PMGod thinks this is stupid, Chris.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:55 PMYou all love me thank you for admitting it.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:55 PM@JosephK calling Chris talk "ideas" is generous

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:56 PMOmg, he just keeps on going.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:56 PMChris how many people have you paid to visit you?

JosephK 12-Jul-19 11:56 PM@nerwndehat I mean "ideas" in the sense Dave Rubin means it. i.e. nonsense.1

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:57 PMThis is entertaining, but fucken annoying as well.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:57 PMShow us the extent of your generosity.

ChrisCGCantelmo 12-Jul-19 11:57 PM@JosephK just let me know when you are ready to proceed. I think my work here is done for tonight. You seem like a straight shooter. As am I. Stay in touch please. My phone is +13105294896. Anyone else who calls and makes trouble gets blocked

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:57 PMYour phone number is plastered all over Reddit. I don't see how you aren't already trolled

JosephK 12-Jul-19 11:58 PMOh we'll get back to you Chris. Don't worry. Have a nice day or night or whatever.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:58 PMI can’t wait until Chris gets doxxed. Oh wait, he just doxxes himself.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:58 PMOh well. Sorry for the chaos guys.I feel bad for invading your discord to argue with him.

Willtardis 12-Jul-19 11:59 PMYeah. Same.

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 11:59 PMNO WE DEMAND MORE CHAOS

JosephK 12-Jul-19 11:59 PMI'm going to have my alter ego interview him. Dare Call It Ordinary!Dave Rube Interviews Dr. Strangelove -- A Rubin Report ParodyFull title: Dave Rube Interviews Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Not Ask Responsible Follow-Up Questions and Love Irresponsible Platforming Don't forget...

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 12-Jul-19 11:59 PMCHAOS FOR THE CHAOS GODS

JosephK 12-Jul-19 11:59 PMIt will be all good.

nerwndehat 12-Jul-19 11:59 PMIt's worthwhile in the sense that he sometimes answers questions.

Willtardis 13-Jul-19 12:00 AMBut it has been fun seeing Chris going mad. (edited)

nerwndehat 13-Jul-19 12:02 AMI'm going to take a deeper look at your stuff. I really did enjoy the podcast, and I wasn't aware of your work previously.2And I'm getting popcorn out just for the thought of an interview

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 13-Jul-19 12:04 AMDave Rube is the perfect interviewer. He knows how to handle the Blitzkrieg of Ideas.

JosephK 13-Jul-19 12:34 AMHope you enjoy. It's all about ideas.

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 13-Jul-19 12:37 AMWe have a breakdown of episodes by topic. Haven’t added psych cults yet because I’m lazy. — None Dare Call It Ordinary!Every episode of None Dare Call It Ordinary organized by series.

JosephK 13-Jul-19 12:43 AM@Travis_View hey Travis, scroll up a bit if you want to see the whole "facts don't matter" conspiracism thing taken to its logical extreme. Did you see this shit that happened in here today?

kotetsu454 13-Jul-19 02:14 AMJoined the server.

dustywhale 13-Jul-19 02:20 AMJoined the server.

thisbrent 13-Jul-19 02:57 AMSo... what did I miss?

JosephK 13-Jul-19 02:58 AMOnly God himself gracing us with his presence in our Discord.

thisbrent 13-Jul-19 02:59 AMI just realized that my avatar is basically what I would look like to myself in the mirror on DMT

mrchachacha 13-Jul-19 06:01 AMJoined the server.

BirdPerson 13-Jul-19 08:34 AMJoined the server.

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 13-Jul-19 08:35 AMWelcome @kotetsu454, @dustywhale , @mrchachacha, and @BirdPerson!

clenchingflame 13-Jul-19 08:36 AMJoined the server.

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 13-Jul-19 08:43 AM@clenchingflame#5825 KEEP YOUR WEAPONS ON YOUR PERSON

ChrisCGCantelmo 13-Jul-19 09:28 AMHey what do boinkcreep and his wife have in common? They both think of Chris during sex.

sadguytennis 13-Jul-19 10:33 AMJoined the server.

None Dare Call It Ordinary! 13-Jul-19 10:35 AMChris what do you think of the Democratic primary candidates?