Episode 31: Lyndon LaRouche Part 4 - Green Terrorists, White Helmets, and The Obama/Hitler Connection

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In the final installment of their series on Lyndon LaRouche, Dylan, Brent, and Forrest delve into LaRouche's anti-environmentalism and accusations of genocide against population growth folks. They also discuss LaRouche's victim complex, accusations that Obama is basically Hitler, and the ludicrous conspiracy theory that the White Helmets are in fact a terrorist organization. 


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While we talked about LaRouche’s fondness for beam weapons and fusion energy, we haven’t yet talked too much about his utter disdain for environmentalism. Luckily Welsh provides a convenient timeline of LaRouche’s fight against “zero population growth and anti-technology environmentalism”, which has meant, for the “non-white Third World” “birth control programs and ‘population wars’”. In other words, GENOCIDE. By doing so, LaRouche has “sent the Malthusians into fits of apoplexy by exposing the true nature of their murderous doctrines.”

In 1974 LaRouche’s future wife Helga Zepp crashed the World Population Conference to confront another evil Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller III, telling him,

I would like to point out that while you are having this nice discussion, this conference is determining the future of human life. You are pushing zero growth. And on the basis of what you do, 20 to 40 million people will die. YOu are responsible for the death of 30 to 40 million human beings. So what do you think, Mr. Rockefeller?

Also in 1974 LaRouche himself wrote “Rockefeller’s  ‘Fascism with a Human Face’” LaRouche says,

The ignorant ‘ecology freaks’ act out their tantrums on the stated or implicit assumption that man is in ‘competition’ with ecology. These unfortunates define ecology as pertaining to life apart from human activities, and often regard the solution to ecological problems as being a lowering of the thermodynamic levels of human activity -- essentially looking backwards toward such various ‘happier days’ as feudalism or even stone-age society...”

LaRouche goes on to compare humanity to the gardener, and the environment to the garden. If the environmentalists get their way and “put society into a ‘zero’ state of negative, auto-cannibalistic reproduction”, the garden will deteriorate.

In 1983, LaRouche wrote There are No Limits to Growth, and explained how environmentalism is racist and genocidal by linking that movement too… a 1923 quote from Bertrand Russell,

The less prolific races will have to defend themselves against the more prolific by methods which are disgusting even if they are necessary”. These races include the “Asiatic races” and “negroes”.

Since we aren’t totally intellectually dishonest, we thought it would be useful to put the quote in context, from page 273,

The Asiatic races will be longer, and the negroes still longer, before their birth-rate falls  sufficiently to make their numbers stable without the help of war and pestilence. But it is to be hoped that  the religious prejudices which have hitherto hampered the spread of birth control will die out, and that within (say) two hundred years the whole world will  learn not to be unduly prolific. Until that happens, the benefits aimed at by socialism can only be partially realized, and the less prolific races will have to defend themselves against the more prolific by methods which are disgusting even if they are necessary.

So this certainly isn’t good, but a better interpretation is that Russell thinks that it is the religious beliefs of Asians and Africans preventing them from using birth control.

LaRouche suggests that current population growth folks (like the Brandt Commission) who seek to bring “appropriate technology” to the third world are really upping the game from disgusting but necessary defense to disgusting but necessary offense. Instead of helping the third world produce more food, such tech will increase soil depletion and inevitably decrease the population,

To impose such a policy upon nations is outright mass murder; there is no other word for it. Nor, can the proponents of ‘appropriate technologies,’ at least not the leading proponents with access to scientific information, argue that they do not know that the Limits to Growth argument is all a big lie. They are imposing what amounts to mass murder on ‘the more prolific races’ for no other reason than that it pleases them to do so. They are viciously fanatical in their actions against those who consistently object to the immorality of their pleasure-seeking on this point. They are wont to commit mass murder against hundreds of millions of human beings, chiefly by economic methods, merely to gratify their pleasure.

The environmentalists themselves get the same treatment. While they don’t take the same genocidal hedonism of the Limit to Growth people, they are willing for billions to be murdered merely because they find industrial society and technological progress, “psychologically oppressive”.

LaRouche connected these “Satanic” schemes right up to Hitler himself,

Like the Nazi regime during World War II, the world’s most powerful international monetary and financial agencies today have targeted between 120 and 150 million black Africans for death through genocide: death by famine and epidemic.

Even the enemy of the people, the mainstream media, joined the genocidal fun, as described by LaRouche in 1987,

An editorial in yesterday's Washington Post warns Brazil to cut its population, or else. Didn’t we see enough of that in Nazi-occupied Poland? The Post evidently fails to grasp the point, that merely because ‘neo-Malthusian population policies’ have become fashionable in among liberals, does not mean that genocide is anything but genocide. I suggest that the Post get off the airy realm of rhetoric and get down to Earth.

If you wish to reduce the population of Brazil, please have the honesty to publish a list of the names and addresses of the Brazilians you wish to have eliminated. Have the decency to inform them of your intent to kill them, and at least do them the courtesy of offering to publish their reply in your newspaper.

What, you think that the only way to kill people is economic control over population growth? Don’t be silly? In 1992, LaRouchians oppose banning chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), including freon to deal with the depletion of the ozone layer. Why? Because “The phaseout of CFCs will kill people -- millions of people, especially in the developing sector… there is no scientific evidence for banning CFCs, just ideology, speculation, and computer models that don’t correspond to reality.”

Sometimes, however, these more indirect methods of environmental violence are not enough, and the Oligarchy has to fund more extreme proposals.This was explained in a 1995 EIR cover story: “Prince Philip Deploys Worldwide Green Terrorism”,

Today’s radical ecology movement was the creation of Prince Phillip’s World Wildlife Fund… and similar agencies controlled by the secretive and powerful London-based Club of the Isles. Using the vast financial resources of an international network of tax-exempt charitable trusts… and buttressed by its preeminent role in the world illicit narcotics trade and its control over a global offshore money-laundering apparatus, the Club poured tens of billions of dollars into founding a plethora of groups aimed at shutting down virtually all advanced technology.

A sizeable portion of these funds went into the creation of an international ecological-terrorist underground, which today poses THE GREATEST TERRORIST THREAT ON EARTH.”

Obama is Hitler, Duh

Environmentalists and Malthusian freaks aren’t the only Nazis around. Good ol’ Obama and his Obummercare I MEAN Obamacare are also straight out of the Hitler playbook. Anton Chaitkin, a high-ranking LaRouchian, explained all of this to a “listening session” of the Federal Council Coordinating Cmparative Effectiveness Research committee,

President Obama has put in place a reform apparatus reviving the euthanasia of Hitler Germany in 1939, that began the genocide there. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel [who was on the committee] and other avowed cost-cutters on this panel also lead a propaganda movement for euthanasia...They shape public opinion and the medical profession to accept a death culture...to let physicians help kill patients whose medical care is now rapidly being withdrawn in the universal health-care disaster.

Dr. Emanuel responded,

I think I do have a very long record of writing against the legalization of euthanasia, so the association of me and that seemed a little strange.”

What the panel didn’t realize that this was part of a broader campaign to link Obamacare to the T-4 mass euthanasia program of Adolf Hitler. From the encyclopedia Britanica,

T4 Program, also called T4 Euthanasia Program, Nazi German effort—framed as a euthanasia program—to kill incurably ill, physically or mentally disabled, emotionally distraught, and elderly people. Adolf Hitler initiated the program in 1939, and, while it was officially discontinued in 1941, killings continued covertly until the military defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.

This included the now infamous posters of Obama with a Hitler mustache. Jeff Steinberg, who edited EIR, explains the strategy,

We went after this thing five months ago and put everything out publicly through our magazine and web sites and decided to make a very harsh and shocking point. It is our view that there’s a lot of people who for pragmatic reasons could be inclined to accept policies that could take us down that slippery slope to Hitler’s policies in 1939.

They were successful to a degree, even getting some mainstream recognition in the form of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and Senator Charles Grassley spreading the falsehood that Obamacare would institute “Death Panels”. Sean Hannity even identified Emanuel, the same person Chaitkin had, as the author of the death panel idea. Glenn Beck, too, jumped on this idea, accusing Emanuel of “the devaluing of human life, putting a price on each individual… the death panel is not a firing squad...rationing is inevitable and they know it.”

In a town-hall forum, Rep. Barney Frank was confronted by a LaRouchian,

This is the T4 policy, the Hitler policy in 1939 when he said certain lives are not worth living; certain people we should not spend the money to keep them alive -- which is exactly what Ezekiel Emanuel has said! Why do you continue to support a Nazi policy, as Obama has expressly supported this policy?

Frank’s response was quick and to the point,

On what planet do you spend most of your time?

Cults Kill: The Case of Jeremiah Duggan

Jeremiah Duggan was a 22-year old college student from London, England. On March 27, 2003 he called his mother, Erica Duggan, a retired school teacher at 4:30am. Erica could tell something was wrong when Jeremiah said, “Mum, I’m in big trouble”.

Jeremiah went to Germany to attend an anti-Iraq War protest and conference with a group called the Nouvelle Solidarite. Before he left he let his family know that the group was “extreme” and associated with an American presidential candidate (Lyndon LaRouche) On the phone Jeremiah said to his mother, “This involves Solidarity. I can’t do this. I want out. It is not something I can do.”

 Erica was deeply disturbed and told her son that it was OK, just leave the group and come home immediately. That is when the phone cut out. Jeremiah called Erica back. With his voice shaking he said, “I’m frightened!” Erica said, “What is it? Tell me!”

 Erica explained later that Jeremiah was having difficulty speaking, saying, “He sounded terrified. Because of that I found myself saying, ‘I love you.’ It just came out. I thought his life was in danger. When I said, ‘I love you,’ then he said to me in a very, very loud voice, ‘I want to see you NOW.” His mother asked him to tell her where he was. Jeremiah said, “Wiesbaden”. Erica’s father was a German-born Jew who had fled Hitler’s Germany and most of his relatives died in the Holocaust.

She asked her son to spell the name of the city because she couldn’t quite make out what he was saying to her. He was halfway through spelling it when again the line was cut off. According to the Washington Post article, “Thirty-five minutes later, Jeremiah was dead.”

After this tragic even Jeremiah’s family wanted answers so they began looking into the LaRouche cult. Though this wasn’t the first time Erica had heard of the name LaRouche. In 2003, Jeremiah called her to to say he met a LaRouche activist while he was living in Paris who wrote for a French-language LaRouche newspaper (Nouvelle Solidarite). Jeremiah told his mother that “the literature he gave Jeremiah to read in French didn’t always make total sense, but Jeremiah chalked it up to his difficulty translating unfamiliar political terms.”

Jeremiah said this LaRouche activist had invited him to Germany for the anti-Iraq War protest and conference. He was in school and busy studying for exams so Erica said he asked her to do an internet search for him to find out who LaRouche was. She told the Washington Post that she “tried but misspelled the name as Laroche, and found nothing to alarm her.” Of course when discussing this she breaks down in tears thinking had she been more careful about getting the exact spelling of LaRouche’s name right would her son still be alive?

Jeremiah’s parents later found Jeremiah’s notebook he took to the LaRouche cult convention. Written in the pages were sentences such as “Question your own false assumptions.” according to a French university student Jeremiah had befriended at the conference, Jeremiah was critical of most of what he was hearing at this conference.

Despite this, Jeremiah and his friend decided to “stay on together for a much smaller cadre school, where LaRouche organizers would be trained.” Following this the anti-war protests in Berlin would commence. This cadre school was held in Wiesbaden at a youth hostel, which held around 50 people. Jeremiah stood out at this school because not only was he British but he was also Jewish. His parents suspect that Jeremiah’s nationality and some of his religious comments maybe marked him as an “agent” or “special target” to these cultists.

Jeremiah had a girlfriend he lived with in Paris and he spoke with him over the phone while he was in Germany leading up to his death. He said to her that he was under, “too much pressure.” She said he told her his limbs hurt and his mouth was very dry. She stated,

 He said they were doing experiments on people with computers … and magnetic things … the government. I was very worried, but wondered if he hadn’t started to imagine things because of information overload… He also told me he no longer knew what reality was, what was truth and what was lies.

Jeremiah’s girlfriend desperately tried to convince him to jump on a train to Paris as soon as he could get away. She said that he promised that he would.

So what happened to Jeremiah? Just before 6am, after he made those frantic phone calls to his mother a driver of a BMW saw a pedestrian run into the roadway this driver swerved out of the way to miss Jeremiah but clipped him with his side-view mirror, knocking him down. Jeremiah apparently then jumped up and ran away. His arms were raised and mouth wide open, according to other witnesses. Another car hit Jeremiah and he was run over suffering severe head trauma and died on the road according to the police.

The police concluded it was suicide. The police didn’t investigate the final hours before his death. LaRouche’s cultists brought Jeremiah’s luggage and passport to the police station. His parents flew out to Germany immediately and were told by Germany police that “LaRouche officials claimed that Jeremiah had suffered from suicidal impulses and had been a mental patient at the Tavistock Institute.” His parents were outraged because they said Jeremiah had no prior history of mental illness. The coroner determined later that it was most likely not a suicide.

But LaRouche cult isn’t done with Jeremiah: in the June 25th issue of EIR, LaRouche writes that Jeremiah’s death was not just part of a U.S.-British conspiracy to “get LaRouche”, but that it was also “linked to the failed search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the suicide of the British weapons expert and senior civil servant David Kelly.” According to the Washington Post article “the publication doesn’t explain the connection, it lists them on the same timeline as if they are part of the same unfolding anti-LaRouche plot.”

In an email to the Washington Post, LaRouche declined to answer any questions about Jeremiah’s time with his organization in Germany or his death, stating that the matter is already addressed in full in his latest pieces of campaign literature titled, “Children of Satan III: The Sexual Congress for Cultural Fascism.”

In this article it states that Jeremiah’s poor mother is actually just “a dupe who has been pressured into joining the worldwide conspiracy to get LaRouche.”

 Jeremiah’s mother Erica is relentless continuing her search for the truth about her son and exposing the cult of LaRouche. The Washington Post article ends with her quote,

I suppose he [LaRouche] has security people who have guns, and they might try to shoot me. Then the world would know the truth, wouldn’t they?

LaRouche: The Ultimate Victim

In 2000, LaRouche pens the article “He’s a Bad Guy, But We Can’t Say Why”, in which he describes his entanglements with the law in such as way as to make Joseph K’s experiences in Kafka’s The Trial look like nothing. He writes that during the last ten years, even though friends of LaRouche are constantly providing the Justice Department with evidence that demonstrates just what swell guys he and his associate are, they simply will not accept it,

The Justice Department has responded to that evidence, repeatedly, in judicial proceedings and elsewhere, with statements to the effect: "You have to understand why we had to do it that way. We couldn't use our secret files in court; so, we had to get him in other ways. Believe us; we can't tell you why, but, he is a very bad guy." What is the evidence that I am that alleged "bad guy"? The answer has been, repeatedly, to the effect: "We can't tell you. The evidence is secret.

How can such a corrupt and libelous system perpetuate? What are its secrets? LaRouche has the answer,

In brief, these attacks on me and my associates, which have been virtually continuous over nearly thirty years, have been modelled on the government's, and a corrupt mass news media's resort to those fraudulent, Star-Chamber methods, which are notorious from the history of the practice of Seventeenth-Century English law. These are the methods of ruling by aid of the enforcement of official lies. Today, in that practice of tendentious sophistry common to today's U.S. government and its legal practice, lies are not called "lies"; instead, they are called, "matters of policy."

The article is a who’s who of all the people, agencies, and things that have allegedly persecuted LaRouche up until that point. LaRouche lays out the context one must understand to appreciate the true depth of this persecution,

...to understand competently this 1983-2000 aspect of the ongoing "Get LaRouche" operation, one must go to the root of those operations; one must take into account the political setting of four earlier, pre-1983 phases of the same operation, a series of Justice Department, and related operations, beginning no later than 1973.

How does LaRouche begin his story of woe? With assassination attempts on his life, duh! Have you not been paying attention to this podcast series at all? After detailing how in the early 1970s the FBI planned to, quote, “eliminate” him with the help of their friends in the US Communist Party, he goes on to expose the true enemies of the people,

There is another political feature of that same 1973 FBI targetting of me for "elimination," which is also a very significant part of a nearly thirty-year record of corrupt complicity by government and mass-media. The evidence against the mass media includes the role of the New York Times, in January and February of 1974, in producing a massive, fraudulent campaign of public defamation of me, in the Times' effort to provide a diversionary cover-up for that FBI "elimination" operation. During the entirety of the nearly three decades since that lying concoction by the Times, virtually the entirety of the U.S. major news media has become a wittingly complicit part of that same continuing dirty political operation centered in the U.S. Department of Justice. Typical of this, are a celebrated policy-statement which appeared on the editorial page of the Washington Post, on Sept. 24, 1976, and the fact of later expressions of precisely that policy, in operations by both the Post, Times, and others, up to the present time.”

In the 1970s, while the FBI’s relationship to LaRouche at the time was mostly just laughing in their offices about political schizophrenics, LaRouche has a different take. No, the FBI was obsessed, simply obsessed with getting him,

...beginning no later than that documented, abortive "elimination" attempt of November-December 1973, the FBI unleashed a second phase of the 1973 COINTELPRO operations against me and my associates. Despite the exposure of the FBI's role behind its Communist Party assets, the FBI not only continued, but intensified and broadened the same general operation which had been conducted through at least most of 1973. This continued into no later than September 1977.

Since the FBI kept fucking up in killing LaRouche, more powerful forces were called upon to get the job done,

...during the period of Zbigniew Brzezinski's official reign inside the Carter Administration, 1978-1980, two private international organizations were key in launching the continuation of former Justice Department operations. These were a private branch of British intelligence, known as Friedrich von Hayek's and Professor Milton Friedman's Mont Pelerin Society, and such operations of the London-created New York Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), as the Zbigniew Brzezinski-led Trilateral Commission.

So I guess, just as hatred of Jimmy Carter was the only thing that brought the far left and far right together, the only thing that could bring Austrian economists and the New World Order together was hatred of Lyndon LaRouche.

The persecution was absolutely relentless. LaRouche hangs in there, though, against all odds of survival to tell the tale,

The ground for a new wave of post-1982 prosecutorial operations as such was prepared during the second half of 1979, by the same New York Times which had run the 1974 cover-up for the FBI's aborted "elimination" operation. This Times operation represents the fourth in the series of four well-documented phases leading up to the January 1983 launching of operations under title of Executive Orders 12331, 12333, and 12334. The Times' operation was an escalation of the world-wide defamation operations launched under joint sponsorship of the Mont Pelerin Society/Heritage Foundation and Anti-Defamation League during May 1978. That 1979 case is a crucial link in pinning down the nature of the 1973-2000 "Get LaRouche" operation as a whole.”

Who led these prosecutorial operations? Henry Kissinger of course! We know Kissinger is orchestrating the grand conspiracy against LaRouche. But what are his motives? LaRouche tells us there are five,

First, was the continuing political controversy between Kissinger and me over the issue of urgent reforms in the post-1971 international monetary system. This personal controversy dated from the 1974-1976 interval, involving Kissinger's actions in his various capacities as U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor.

Second, was my launching of a public campaign, in February 1982, to overturn Kissinger's arms-control policies. This attack on existing, Kissingerian arms-control policies, reflected my ongoing back-channel discussions with the Soviet Government, discussions which led to the March 23, 1983 announcement of a Strategic Defense Initiative proposal to the Soviet government by President Ronald Reagan.

Third, was our published attention to the contents of a public address which Kissinger himself had delivered to a London Chatham House audience on May 10, 1982, in which Kissinger bragged that he had worked behind the back of his President, under British direction, during the period he served as U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor.

The fourth issue was our news organization's investigation of information indicating Kissinger's personal involvement, with Israel's Ariel Sharon and others, in a disgusting "West Bank land-scam" operation, which was one of the world's most notable, scurrilous, and profitable real estate swindles occurring at that time.”

The fifth motive has something to do with a debt crisis in Mexico or something, but at this point I realized these aren’t actual motives for anything, so why even go further?

LaRouche recounts his trial of 1988, in which he was indicted with mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud,

The conduct of the trial judge in that case, reflected, and that most plainly, a specific, and rapidly worsening corruption of U.S. law, today, which is more ominous than even the horrid Nazi law associated with the legacy of Germany's Carl Schmitt and Roland Freisler. This corruption, typified by the tendency of Federal courts to adopt the Lockean principle of shareholder value, is to be recognized as a combination of radical positivism and the specific, interchangeable conceptions of slaveholder or shareholder value, associated with both the doctrine of the Confederate States of America, and the current doctrine among a leading element of the U.S. Supreme Court, as typified by the frequent resort to sophistry by Justice Scalia, today.”

LaRouche says that the judge in that 1988 case, Judge Albert V. Bryan Jr., was not following the rule of law, but rather,

...the rules were the special, Kafkaesque rules which those sophists and their fellow-travellers had made up for that occasion. The apologists, affecting a pose of self-righteousness, and lacking any other kind of righteousness, insist that since the trial followed their rules, the proceedings were, in the mouth of one later-exposed mole inside the defense team, therefore "fair."

LaRouche says that a system of justice must be analyzed on two levels in order to figure out whether or not it’s legit,

In its simpler aspect, is it to be compared, in first approximation, to the deductive model of a Euclidean classroom geometry, as the derivation of proofs according to a cultivated knowledge of an underlying set of both stated and implied definitions, axioms, and postulates… However, on a higher level, the process of lawmaking and judicial procedure must recognize that, in statecraft, as in physical science, all previously existing sets of definitions, axioms, and postulates are subject to change, that in the same manner that validated new universal physical principles are discovered in science. If what was rightly validated as true beforehand remains true, not only must false assumptions be purged, but previously omitted, newly validated principles incorporated within a multiply-connected manifold of verifiable universal principles.

The most important consideration to bear in mind, is to distinguish what is subject to such change, from that which is not. What can never change, under a sane rule of law, is the definition of the human being as being of a different nature than all the lower species…

LaRouche waxes nostalgic a few times in the piece. He keeps it real humble in summarizing his career,

After the follies of President Richard Nixon's decisions of mid-August 1971, my situation changed rapidly. Because of my exceptional combination of qualifications as a cultivated original thinker and economist, and also my temperament, I began to emerge rather rapidly as a significant new political figure in our nation, and among nations abroad… By 1982, my influence internationally had reached the level at which the oligarchs decided to eradicate me and everything associated with me. They did so because they were frightened, because they fear that someone might do as I was committed to doing: utilize the impending global crisis to bring back the American system and its legacy. That, indeed, I will do, if I am allowed.”

LaRouche ends the essay with some food for thought,

When reality-shock brings your neighbor to his senses, at last, remember what I have told you about the great questions of history, justice, and the battle between oligarchs and real human beings. Now, spectators, I have given you the score-card. Choose your sides accordingly. Now, recognize that it is increasingly often the case, that only those who speak honestly of their convictions, these days, are telling the truth. Thus, I have told the truth you urgently need to know.

Britain Did It

We’re going to end this series on Lyndon LaRouche with the most insightful thing he and his cohorts ever came up with: the TRUTH behind the infamous Syrian chemical weapons attacks on civilians.

Let’s talk about the players. Well, first, there’s, as Christopher Hitchens once put it, the, quote, “human toothbrush figure of Bashar al-Assad”. And, I want to be clear -- and Brent and I have talked about this before -- it’s simply out of the question that Assad is responsible for the attacks and that he’s just an evil piece of shit. There’s no way that can be.

Then there’s the White Helmets. Though in the real world, the White Helmets are an incredibly brave, laudable, non-partisan, all-volunteer, non-governmental organization with funding as diverse as the United States, the UK, Japan, New Zealand, and Denmark, among many others, in LaRouche world they’re simply, quote, “British-created”. In Assad world, they’re simply interchangeable with al-Qaeda. So, the human toothbrush and what he’s all about might be coming into better focus for you at this point.

What exactly do the White Helmets do besides blowing up the world trade center and staging chemical weapons attacks in Syria? According to British enemy of the people BBC,

Their official name is the Syrian Civil Defence, which began in early 2013 as an organisation of volunteers from all walks of life, including electricians and builders. Its main task soon became to rescue civilians in war zones in the immediate aftermath of air strikes, and it says its volunteers have saved the lives of more than 100,000 people during the civil war. Numbering about 3,000 volunteers, they also carry out essential repair works. Some 200 members have been killed. The White Helmets have gained worldwide praise, and were nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

LaRouchePAC publishes the following on April 9, 2018,

When the hoked-up video of the victims and survivors of this faux attack first appeared on BBC Saturday night, one could have wondered whether Saddam Hussein had risen from the grave with his weapons of mass destruction.

LaRouche PAC goes full Sandy Hook at one point in the article,

One video on BBC showed "rescue workers," most without masks, moving about in a hallway, passing young children to one another, hosing down others, etc. Another showed people of all ages lying in a pile, some with foam around their mouths. Reuters and the London-based Syrian Observatory ran with the story while reporting they could not confirm any chemical attack.

While you might think the true victims of the chemical weapons attack were the innocent civilians, according to LaRouche PAC, that would be a distortion of the real facts. The true victim? Quote, “President Donald Trump is the next British target because of his desire to cooperate against terrorism with Vladimir Putin's Russia.”

Not only is poor Trump the victim of false flag operation, it’s a false flag operation that the valiant heroes in the Putin government have warned us all about,

Russia, the target of this British stage show, had warned for weeks that desperate jihadi groups had possession of chemical agents, both in Eastern Ghouta and in the north of Syria, and were planning false flag chemical weapons events to bring on NATO attacks on Syrian and Russian military sites.

Putin just has the power to change hearts and minds. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd used to criticize the Russian government too, but has since become a fellow traveler of the vanguard for human souls, appearing on RT frequently. Roger Waters is also a White Helmet Truther. On stage at a concert in 2017, speaking about somebody that wanted to come on stage to talk about the chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria in April of the same year, Roger Waters said,

He is one voice, I personally think he is entirely wrong, I believe the organization that he purports to represent and who he supports, The White Helmets, are a fake organization that is creating propaganda for jihadists and terrorists, that’s what I believe.

So, in summary, humanitarian organizations are terrorist groups, and when innocent people are brutally murdered with chemical weapons, the real victims are Trump, Putin, and Assad. I hope if you’ve all learned anything from LaRouche, at least you’ve learned that.


Lyndon LaRouche died on February 12 of this year. As of yet, we do not know how or where he died.