Episode 11: Crystal Healing Part 4 - The Mitchell-Hedges Skull of Doom and Other Crystal Skulls

No series on crystal healing is complete without an episode about the coolest crystal artifacts of all time: crystal skulls! Dylan and Brent dive into the powers of these mysterious creations and where they may (or may not) have come from, ending with the explosive (true?) story of the most famous crystal skull of all, the Mitchell-Hedges skull or THE SKULL OF DOOM!

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What is a crystal skull?

A crystal skull is a chunk of crystal such as quartz carved into the shape of a human skull. Some stone skulls are genuine artifacts from Mesoamerican cultures, for example the Aztecs, which are called death heads or skull masks, but the majority of crystal skulls are hoaxes. Some people believe that these skulls were crafted by ancient people such as the Mayans under the direction of Atlanteans and/or aliens. Of course, today replicas of these crystal skulls are made in all forms, varieties, shapes, and sizes across the world in New Age shops. 

Nick Nocerino, founder of the The Society of Crystal Skulls, International, says that these crystal skulls found at these ancient sites are extremely unique and impossible to duplicate. You also know you can trust the scientific methodology used in the Society of Crystal Skulls, International while researching these because they use remote viewing, psychometry, and scrying as part of their research methodology. Psychometry is learning about folks by touching inanimate objects.

Famous Crystal Skulls

“Max”, the Texas Crystal skull

The Texas crystal skull is held by the Parks Family of Houston, Texas. They received it from a Tibetan trained healer when he died, and he received the crystal from the local people in Guatemala. 

The “British” crystal skull

Located at the British Museum since 1898, the British crystal skull was found or bought by a soldier of fortune in Mexico in the 1890s. A study by the British Museum showed rotary wheels were used in its construction. But,

Rotary cutting wheels were not introduced to stone workshops in Mexico until after the Spanish conquest of Mexico in 1521. The skulls, therefore, cannot be of Aztec manufacture.

The “Paris” crystal skull

Located at the Tocadero Museum in Paris, the Paris crystal skull was also found by a soldier of fortune in Mexico in the 1890s.

The “Amethyst” Crystal Skull

The Amethyst crystal skull was discovered by a Mayan brotherhood in the early 20th century in a Mayan cache of artifacts in Mexico.

The “Mayan” Crystal Skull

The Mayan crystal skull was found in Guatemala in 1912 but its current whereabouts are unknown. Nick Nocerino, the aforementioned author of “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed,” claims that he met with a shaman in 1949 during his travels in Mexico who guided him to a Mayan priest that said he was authorized to sell some crystal skulls called the Mayan Skull and Amethyst Skull because the village needed the money for food. However, Nick didn’t purchase these but instead he studied them “scientifically”. He claimed to find some “starting things” such as “its true origin as cloaked in mystery”.


British Museum analysis showed the skull contained the 20th century synthetic abrasive silicon carbide, and they hypothesize the skull was made shortly before it was purchased in Mexico in 1960.

Other Crystal Skulls

  • “ET”

  • Peruvian

  • The Skull of Doom, which we’ll get to later.

Many Skullies think there are 13 in total. The mysterious magical 13 crystal skulls are something that comes up in the whole ending of the Mayan calendar of Dec. 21, 2012 and in New Age mythology revolving around ancient Atlantis. In the New Age Mayan Calendar proponents claimed that re-uniting these 13 crystal skulls will prevent a major catastrophe which was to come at the end of the Mayan calendar year on Dec. 21. 2012. 

The magical powers of crystal skulls

Josh “Illinois” Shapiro, co-author of Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed, has some ideas as to what the crystal skulls are all about. They could be computers that “record energy and vibration that occur around them”. They, 

pictorially display events or images of the people who come in contact with them. They are even networked and can share information amongst themselves, just like the Internet!

They allegedly are endowed with magical powers such as the spontaneous production of holographic images and the emission of weird sounds.

Like unskulled quartz, they could be used for healing. Many ancient cultures who saw the skull as the Godhead. 

I personally feel that the Crystal Skulls are not only here to share ancient knowledge and wisdom, but to assist in awakening our race to higher spiritual laws and understanding of itself. They are announcing that many of the ancients tools are coming back now because the planet is ready to use them again in a harmonious way. The Crystal Skulls are a tangible sign that indeed a Golden Age is fast approaching our world. They are inwardly calling those who have worked with them in past lifetimes so they can become fully activated to help connect humanity to our inner divinity and actualization of higher universal knowledge.

Druvalo Melchizedek agrees with Shapiro in his book “Serpent of Light”. He claimed he came across indigenous Mayan descendants at ceremonies who had crystal skulls which contained the souls of ancient Mayans. These Mayan souls possessed the skulls waiting for the time when their ancient knowledge would once again be required. 

Nocerino claimed the Mayan and Amethyst skulls gave him the power to offer hours of meaningless visions. 

Anna Mitchell-Hedges claimed her “Skull of Doom” had the power to cure visions, cure cancer, and that she once used the skull to kill a man. Another time Anna claimed to have used a crystal skull to see a premonition of the JFK assassination. 

Where did the skulls come from?

Once again, Josh “Illinois” Shapiro has a bunch of theories:

1st: Aliens 

They either brought them to Earth or taught us how to make them. There is strong evidence for the ET link: holographic images of UFOs and Aliens “are displayed various ancient crystal skulls” These images have been observed by researchers and “sensitives”.

2nd: Ancient Advanced Civilization

If the Crystal Skulls were not brought by extraterrestrials then certainly we must conclude their have been civilizations much more technologically or spiritually advanced than our own today.

We have had several spiritual channels suggest the skulls were created in Atlantis or Lemuria.

Maybe they weren’t carved but were “human bone skulls that were changed to crystal through the power of the mind.”

3rd: Ancient Advanced Civilizations INSIDE THE EARTH! 

Our earth is Hollow with a small central sun at its core and openings at the poles. Gravity, which is located at the center of the Earth's crust, 800 miles thick, hold objects and people to the inner or outer surface.

Supposedly, 13 master Crystal Skulls hold the genetic coding of Twelve Inner Earth Tribes and the thirteenth or central skull represents the family of these tribes.

4th: Australia!

When I was in Australia last year, I had a strong feeling that the Aborigines might have in their possession a crystal skull. Only time will tell.

The Mike and Anna Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (The Skull of Doom)

The whole mythology surrounding the extraterrestrial, extra-powerful origins of crystal skulls was likely created by F.A. “Mike” Mitchell-Hedges (1882-1959) and Anna, his adopted daughter. The story goes that Anna discovered the skull while hanging out with her dad in the ancient Mayan city of Lubaantun in Belize. The skull was 5.25 inches high and weighs about 11 lbs. It resembled Aztec stone skulls, but was realistic and even included a detachable jaw.

Papa Mitchell-Hedges is the one who gives us the real FUN details:

Skull of Doom is made of pure rock crystal and according to scientists it must have taken over 150 years, generation after generation working all the days of their lives, patiently rubbing down with sand an immense block of rock crystal until finally the perfect Skull emerged.

It is at least 3,600 years old and according to legend was used by the High Priest of the Maya when performing esoteric rites. It is said that when he willed death with the help of the skull, death invariably followed. It has been described as the embodiment of all evil.

Cool! But MAYBE it’s not true? The first interesting tidbit is that Papa Mitchell-Hedges didn’t talk the crystal skull until 1943. Weird, that’s 20 years after he found it in Belize. I wonder why he waited so long? Fear of the government or thieves? Nope, that’s just when he bought it at a Sotheby’s sale for 400 pounds. That’s 4300 pounds today, or 5600 American. Quite the expensive hand puppet! 

The man Mitchell-Hedges bought it from, Sidney Burney, as well as those on the Lubannatun expedition, deny that he found it there. Anna wasn’t even there! Luckily, Anna can clear this whole confusion up. Anna and Mitchell-Hedges really did find the skull in Lubaantun, but Mitchell-Hedges owed Sydney Burney money, so instead he loaned the skull to him until he could pay off the debt. Another story is that He simply gave the skull to Burney for safe keeping.

But why did Mitchell-Hedges have to buy the skull at a Sotheby’s auction instead of either paying back Burney or not paying him a fucking thing because he just asked him to guard it for a while? Anna explains the whole mishap. After leaving the crystal skull in Burney’s care, Burney “inexplicably” put the skull up for auction. Mitchell-Hedges learned the day before the auction and “was so furious that for a while he was unable to speak.” He couldn’t get a hold of Burney and opted to wake up at 5 am the next morning to get his skull back. Mitchell-Hedges found out that it was Burney’s son who sold the skull, so at least Papa Burney is getting some vindication here.

Sotheby’s refused to give the skull back to Mitchell-Hedges. Mitchell-Hedges decided that the simplest way to get the crystal skull back was to simply buy it back at the auction, fair and square. 

In 1970, Anna let Frank Dorland, a crystal carver, examine her skull. Dorland declared that it is excellent for scrying and it emits sounds and light, depending on the position of the planets. He claimed that the skull originated in Atlantis and was carried around by the Knights Templar during the crusades.

Dorland even claimed to have the crystal skull examined at a Hewlett-Packard lab. What the lab found was truly remarkable. The skull,

had been carved against the natural axis of the crystal. Modern crystal sculptors always take into account the axis, or orientation of the crystal's molecular symmetry, because if they carve "against the grain," the piece is bound to shatter -- even with the use of lasers and other high-tech cutting methods.

To compound the strangeness, HP could find no microscopic scratches on the crystal which would indicate it had been carved with metal instruments. Dorland's best hypothesis for the skull's construction is that it was roughly hewn out with diamonds, and then the detail work was meticulously done with a gentle solution of silicon sand and water. The exhausting job -- assuming it could possibly be done in this way -- would have required man-hours adding up to 300 years to complete.

Frank Dorland went on to write the book, “Crystal Healing: The Next Step”.

[The] crystal stimulates an unknown part of the brain, opening a psychic door to the absolute.

Dorland’s claims were also the basis of Richard Garvin’s 1973 book, “The Crystal Skull: the Story of the Mystery, Myth, and Magic of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Discovered in a Lost Mayan City During A Search for Atlantis” 


There is not a shred of evidence that these crystal skulls are mysterious or have magical powers. 

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