Episode 3: Cancer Quackery Part 1

Fun With Enemas

On the first episode in our series on cancer quackery, Dylan and Brent review the tinctures, tonics, and treatments with bizarre ingredients and wacky dietary requirements. They discuss:

  • Scorpion venom (Escozine), promoted by Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian

  • Entelev (aka Protocel, Sheridan's Formula, Jim's Juice, Crocinic Acid, JS–114, JS–101, 126–F, CanCell, and Cantron), promoted by James V. Sheridan

  • Shark cartilage, promoted by William Lane in his book Sharks Don’t Get Cancer

  • The Livingston-Wheeler regimen, promoted by Dr. Virginia Livingston and her husband Owen Webster Wheeler

  • Mistletoe (Iscador), promoted by Rudolf Steiner

  • The macrobiotic diet, promoted by Nyoichi Sakurazawa (aka George Ohsawa) and Michio Kushi