Episode 30: Lyndon LaRouche Part 3 - PANIC over AIDS, Virginians, Zionists, and Satanic Philosophers

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In the third part of their series on Lyndon LaRouche, Dylan, Brent, and Forrest cover LaRouche and Co. as they move their headquarters to Leesburg, Virginia. Once settled in, they quickly make a nuisance of themselves and begin fomenting ludicrous falsehoods about AIDS, going so far as to form PANIC to promote quarantining AIDS patients. Even with all this, LaRouche still has time to create the most multidimensional system of paranoia in American history, bash Satanic philosophers, and wind up in jail.


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LaRouche Scaring Some Virginians

In 1983 Lyndon LaRouche relocates his Manhattan headquarters to the Washington area. The LaRouche organization had plans on building a summer camp for children of LaRouche employees in neighboring, Loudoun Virginia. At the night meetings for the county zoning commision, the LaRouche org asserted that they intended to have armed guards at the youth camp as well as a program for secret weapons training. However, the camp director, Susan Ulanowsky denied there would be firearms saying that the campground caretakers would have guns only “to shoot snakes”.

Besides murdering reptiles, Susan said that the youth camp was going to include “Shakespeare, art, music, poetry, science and ancient Greek” saying, The zoning commision staff did recommend approval of the camp permit for one year only providing that “under no circumstances” would armed guards or weapons be allowed on the campgrounds.

The residents of Loudoun considered the LaRouche organization a bunch of armed ideologues. So what do the LaRouche’s people think? Well, a spokesman for LaRouche org. Said that the true opposition is,

the Leesburg Garden Club and a wealthy northern Virginia equestrians on, “the dope lobby” and unnamed Communists and “sodimists.”

LaRouche wrote in the weekly paper The Loudoun Times-Mirror that,

“Radical and liberal members of the Loudoun community” were circulating the same ''wild lies'' about him as ''circles that take the Soviet side against me.”

The article continues,

At other times, he has said that he and his wife, Helga, are the targets of assassins in the pay of narcotics gangsters, liberals, Zionists, agents of Moscow, the Rockefellers, the Trilateral Commission, the Queen of England and international terrorism generally.

According to this article, The LaRouche cult brought in “2.3 million dollars worth of property and are leasing large units of office retail space”. LaRouche has a payroll of around 200 people in the area and was regarded at first as an “economic stimulus in a rural county…” The article states,

Residents have periodically complained to the police about the estate, especially when youngsters on horseback have strayed onto it and been intercepted by uniformed security men. “We do have a lot of calls from our citizens who say they're afraid of these people,'' said the Loudoun County Sheriff, John Isom, Speaking of Mr. LaRouche, James Kidwell, chief of the town police, added: ''You got a little old quiet country town here and all of a sudden he's got armed guards and this strange political thing, and it's really stirred people up. They don't understand it.'

Another fun treat for the residents of the Leesburg was that in June, 300+ recruits came to LaRouche’s National Democratic Policy Committee by bus from all over the country and piled into the town’s volunteer fire house. The articles states,

At lunchtime the visitors went into nearby stores and, according to the police, scores of them began a binge of shoplifting that one merchant said was ''like a plague of locusts.'' $1,100 in Merchandise Recovered Chief Kidwell said his officers recovered $1,100 worth of $2,600 in merchandise that the merchants had reported stolen.

Apparently LaRoucheOrg paid back the stolen merchandise to the storekeepers and no charges were filed. Besides shoplifting, LaRouchians loved to interrupt speeches. Once during a speech by Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Richard R. Burt, a LaRouchian shouting: ''You're a Soviet agent! You're an enemy agent! You're a traitor to the United States!''

LaRouche at a Bookstore not near you!

At the opening of the Ben Franklin Booksellers bookstore on South King St. in Lessburg, VA, surrounded by his own security, LaRouche shook hands with fans of his books.

"The Soviets officially declared war on me," LaRouche says to John Mintz, Washington Post staff writer . “former secretary of state Henry Kissinger is behind the assassination plot against him.”

In this interview LaRouche reveals what we all really already know about him in our hearts and in our minds, “I'm probably the best economist in the world today. I'm also one of the best-informed people in the world. We have influence on governments."

He also said, that Walter F. Mondale is an “agent of influence" of the KGB, the Soviet secret police.” He accused Mondale as well as Kissinger and McGeorge Bundy, the former Ford Foundation president and presidential adviser, of being KGB agents.

LaRouche stated that he had tape recordings of two phone calls made by Mitch Snyder, who was an activist for the homeless, to his associates, which threatened LaRouche’s life. According to this article, “LaRouche dismissed the fact that Snyder was immobilized in bed from a hunger strike on behalf of the homeless during that period.”

Outside of the bookstore a group affiliated with LaRouche, the Schiller Institute, was holding a parade to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the birth of German poet Friedrich Schiller. Apparently this was LaRouche and his wife Helga’s favorite poet.

With classical pieces by Brahms the people at the event joined in singing Happy Birthday to Schiller. So of all the poets why Schiller? you may ask. Well, Nancy Spannaus, the head of the company that owns the bookstore and editor of the group’s New Solidarity newspaper explains, "We want to revive the ideas of the American revolution and the German classical period, which are the ideas that man's freedom lies in his reason."

LaRouche’s Big Conspiracy: The Oligarchy

LaRouche didn’t just replace Marxism with Fascism, but something far more intense: a 3,000 year long struggle between “Neoplatonic humanists” on the one hand and the “oligarchy” on the other. As King puts it, “LaRouche’s theory of the struggle between two secret elites is perhaps the closest thing to a system of total multidimensional paranoia ever invented in the United States.”

So, who, exactly, make up the Oligarchy? Come on, of course it’s the Jews.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion make an appearance, but even they are “too narrow in scope for the purposes of total paranoia.” Instead LaRouche admits they have a “hard kernel of truth” but don’t tell the whole story. But he’s not always explicit about all this. He refers to them as “anti-human bestialists”, and “parasites...who cooked up the hoax called the Old Testament”. The Jews (who apparently predate the Old testament) of Babylon created the Old Testament, brainwashed the Jewish masses with it, and then sent them to Judea as a strategic military colony. But even he has to admit that a large component of the Oligarchy are the “Jewish usurers… a continuous and often dominant element”.

So we know who the Oligarchy is. What do they want? Apparently, they are really into regular culls of the human race through disease and starvation. Right now, they want to return the world to a “New Dark Ages”, which includes a nuclear holocaust, massive spread of AIDS, zero growth, and “total bestial heteronomy.”

And this isn’t the first time they attempted to destroy civilization either. They have destroyed all centers of progress they have managed to influence from Atlantis to Rome. Yes, ATLANTIS! The “scientist-astronomers” ruled Atlantis but were defeated by the ancestors of Babylon, the evil “magician-astrologers”. 3,000 years ago their headquarters were in Babylon, which, of course, they ruined. Then they moved to Rome, then Venice, and then London, which is their home nowadays. All the way they have battled the valiant “Humanists”, who want productive investment, science, technology, and “citybuilding”

It should be noted that equating “Babylonians” with “Jews” is nothing new. The book The Merchants of Babylon by Rev. Bertrand L. Comparet, features four rabbis on the cover.

Along with the Babylonians, LaRouche also rails against the Persians who supposedly destroyed the ancient world. Again, it is very common in conspiracy circles to link the Persians and the Jews, done so by both Oswald Spengler (who thought they controlled the Persian Empire) and Houston Stewart Chamberlain (who thought Jews were the puppets).

But, now, the main force behind the Oligarchy is London.


The British are the prime target of LaRouche’s conspiracy thinking. They play the same role as the Reptilians for David Icke (including the possibility of anti-semitic metaphor/code word). He claims that Queen Elizabeth is the world’s greatest drug pusher and that Britain is the chief enemy of the United States. They also want to starve “billions” in the Third World.

Of course, LaRouche isn’t using “British” as code for “International Jewry”. But, he has slipped on occasion. In his book The Case of Walter Lippmann, the word “British” is followed immediately by “Rothschild” in parentheses (The triple parentheses had not been invented yet).

He makes this more explicit in “Anti-Dirigism is British Tory Propaganda” (Dirigism is, according to Wikipedia, “an economic doctrine in which the state plays a strong directive role, as opposed to a merely regulatory role, over a capitalist market economy.”) LaRouche says,

The policy-shaping kernel of the enemy forces centered in the British monarchy is a group of private banking families. These are notably the family interests of the Lazard Brothers, Barings, N.M. Rothschild, Hill Samuel, and other small private banking houses. Britain -- these same families’ interests -- has controlled the international opium traffic since early during the 19th century.

In case you missed it, all but one of those families is Jewish.

Also, in a 1978 issue of New Solidarity the cover featured a Star of David with Queen Elizabeth along with Henry Kissinger and Milton Friedman. The caption referred to “satanic connections”.

One Briton is singled out among the pack. No, not the Queen, but Bertrand Russell, “the most evil man of the 20th century.” The basic reason is that Russell argued for the construction of nukes and the UN which is of course a scheme of world government hegemony.

British Bad Blood

Why are the British such assholes you might ask? Simple: They aren’t even human!

Because the British are “biologically incapable of understanding what is true and good”, the artifacts of their civilization must be totally destroyed, “in the latest rock song, in the oldest medieval parchment, in our own thought processes”.

These ideas first appeared in LaRouche’s book Dialectical Economics, where he argued that there were two breed of capitalists, the industrial capitalist and the usurer, that were akin to two separate species. Guess which the British is!

Later, in “The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites” (1978), he directly talked about the ideas of Soviet agricultural scientist Lysenko, arguing that evolution can occur due to environment in one generation, and two totally different species could result in only as few generations.

Due to the social and cultural environment of the British (along with a smattering of inbreeding), this is precisely what happened to them. This is, apparently, nature’s way of punishing them for engaging in usury and the opum trade. As a result of these practices, the British can no longer grasp spiritual truths.

As LaRouche says, “There is a higher reality, which the British are incapable of comprehending… [that] exists beyond… [the] domain of deduction” which they are limited by,

The ruling British elite are like animals -- not only in their morality, but in their outlook on knowledge. They are clever animals, who are masters of the wicked nature of their own species, and recognize ferally the distinctions of the hated human species.I know the British mind very well -- it is a lower order of mentality, which I can study as I watch the fish in an aquarium.

And who do these evil animals think is their enemy? LaRouche of course are you not paying attention? Their inner circles recognize LaRouche as “the ancient and feared adversary of their own evil species…[as their] potential destroyer”.What is their reaction to LaRouche’s glorious crusade? “They tense, growling such phrases as ‘potential danger’, ‘more dangerous than Hitler’, kill it before it succeeds in getting a real foothold in shaping events’.”

Oh, you mean you want MORE racism?

The Chinese are “paranoid” people who share, “with lower forms of animal life”, a “fundamental distinction from actually human personalities”. This incidentally also makes LaRouche more racist than Adolf Hitler. Quoting Hitler, “I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilisations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own.”  When you’re to the Right of Hitler on racism, you know something is deeply wrong.

African-americans fighting for civil rights care about distinctions “proper to the classification of varieties of monkeys and baboons.”

Puerto ricans belong to a culture based on “‘macho’ pathology” and crazed blood oaths.

Italians are obsessed with churches, whorehouses, and “images of the Virgin Mary”, whose “goddamn smile” LaRouche would remove from public view by closing Italian churches.

Irish-americans display an “ethnic piggishness” involved in “hideious mind-and-body-eroding org[ies] of fertility”.

Indigenous tribes, including the people of Brazil’s Amazon Basin, bear a “likeness to a lower beast.”

So, you can only imagine how LaRouche feels about The United State’s treatment of indigenous Americans and the conquest of Mexican territories,

Was it… correct for the American branch of European humanist culture to absorb the territories occupied by a miserable, relatively bestial culture of indigenous Americans? Absolutely. Was it correct to absorb… the areas taken in the Mexican-American War? Historically, yes -- for the same reason. We do not regard all cultures and nations as equally deserving of sovereignty or survival.


LaRouche has managed not one but two separate theories on why the Russians suck.

His first theory, developed in the late 70’s and early 80’s, insisted that the Soviet Union was much like the US; full of British agents but not yet fully dominated by them. Ivan the Terrible tried to eliminate them, but even he failed.

But starting in 1984, he began saying that the Russian people themselves were subhuman; this apparently made SDI an easy sell. It turns out they have been dominated by an evil culture for a thousand years which, like the British, also descended from Babylon. This domination, originating in Byzantium and the evil Orthodox church, also wanted world domination, like the British, whose goal was turning Moscow into the Third Rome. Oh, and the Jews are part of this same “species”, all descending from a semitic “Magian” culture common to Jews, Arabs, and Orthodox Christians. Unlike the cathedral-building Promethean/Faustian Germans, these “Magicians” like to hang out in caves.

So, what do we do about these folks? referencing Mount Athos, the center of Orthodox christianity, LaRouche says,

It is about time someone bombed the Holy Mountain, its monks, its monasteries, and everything in it. Bomb it thoroughly, systematically, and completely so that nothing of its evil legacy survives.

Summing up, there are four separate species.

    • The British-Jewish hierarchy

    • The Russian-Jewish hierarchy

    • The bestial masses

    • Human beings, ie LaRouche and his followers

LaRouche’s goal, however, is the creation of a fifth, master race,

The objective of my life is to contribute to bringing men and women out of the wretched condition of sensuous donkeys and incompletely human ‘silver souls’ to contribute to making of our species a race of ‘golden souls’.

Everyone Has AIDS

In an NYT article titled “LaRouche Turns to AIDS Politics” David L. Kirp, writes,

Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. and his political camp followers have taken up a new cause. They are out to make prejudice against AIDS victims respectable.

On the ballot in California in Nov. of 1986 was LaRouche’s initiative which had public health authorities and doctors fearing that they would be forced to start testing people on a mass scale for AIDS. Some even feared a quarantine of all California citizens who have been exposed to someone with AIDS. So what was some of LaRouche’s views on AIDS?

According to the LaRouche scenario, AIDS is a plot by the ''Soviet war machine'' to conquer America - or else a plot by the International Monetary Fund to wipe out the ''excess eaters'' from starving Africa.

LaRouche also claimed that ''a person with AIDS running around is like a person with a machine gun running around.'' He also thought that homosexuals were “engineering an AIDS cover up, and their desire to do something - anything -to stop the disease will make scapegoating look like a solution.”

LaRouche’s cult following started a committee called PANIC (Prevent AIDS Now Initiative Committee). They persuaded nearly 700,000 Californians to sign a petition which put the initiative, called Proposition 64, on the ballot, which was more than twice the number needed.

The California state health director said the proposal will require AIDS testing for all 27 million California citizens. Public health officials in CA say Proposition 64 would force AIDS victims to lose their jobs and be “driven underground”. They also said that a quarantine is totally ineffective and also inhuman. In truth, they state, AIDS is rather hard to contract. The NYT article lists the specific statistics in which the California economy would be hurt: “nearly $3 billion for 1987 alone.” Also, “The effects would include the loss of $2.3 billion in economic output plus $630 million in lost tax revenues, increased unemployment insurance premiums and testing costs.”

California’s homosexual community united in fighting this initiative, raising $3 million. The article says, “The list of opponents reads like a California who's who. Every leading politician has come out against it. Leading medical researchers are lining up to be heard.” These opponents against the bill won a significant victory as a California judge removed some of LaRouche’s more absurd claims from the ballot pamphlet sent to all the voters, saying, “There is no credible evidence that AIDS is easy to get or that it is spread by mosquitoes.”.

He promoted ''universal screening and isolating or quarantining all individuals in the active carrier states.'' The article states, “Nationwide, that's upward of two million people. If Lyndon LaRouche wins in California, the nation's most populous state, politicians everywhere will start taking him very seriously on the issue of AIDS.”

However, there is a happy ending to this segment because Proposition 64 was defeated by a margin of 71% to 29%. Yay!

Good ol’ Kissinger

The following is from a Lyndon LaRouche speech on Aug. 3, 1982 : “Kissinger, the Politics of Faggotry”. (Lyndon LaRouche: Master of Subtlety).

The speech beings,

According to a variety of very authoritative sources, Henry A. Kissinger is not a Jew, but a faggot.

By the way, there’s a Crossfire episode featuring Lyndon LaRouge in which Pat Buchanan asks for these authoritative sources. LaRouche responds with, quote,”I am one of the authoritative sources.”

After the painful repulsion from the first sentence LaRouche wants us to understand he,

will not tolerate any denial of civil rights to a person who happens to be homosexual. Ordinarily, a homosexual is like an ordinary person suffering the affliction of nasty boils.

The problem with Kissinger is not simply he has a homosexual personality.” Rather, he is “like that flaming, fascistic faggot Roy M. Cohn. Psychologically, Henry is a distinct species. He is of the species some psychopathologists prefer to describe as an extreme anal variety of sadomasochistic personality.

LaRouche keeps it real and humble as always in this speech saying,

More lies have been told internationally about me … than any living public figure of the past ten years. Most citizens have noticed about Kissinger, that he explodes into irrational rages very easily. He exhibits a distinctly unmanly testiness.

As long as he believes he is being admired, or admired for reasons of fear, Kissinger can be almost generous, more or less "seductive" in the way some confidence-men--of the sort who wear too much perfume, and too much jewelry--often are with prospective "suckers." Cross Kissinger, rip away his narcissistic, anal self-delusions, and his impulses turn instantly homocidal.

And the grand finale,

To understand the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is, what Roy Cohn is, think back to the Emperor Nero and his court. Think of Studio 54, then of Nero's court, and then of Studio 54 again. Think of Nero, and then of Kissinger, and then of Nero, and then of Roy M. Cohn. That is the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is. That kind of faggotry destroyed Rome. Will you permit it also to destroy the United States?

LaRouche Goes to Jail

It was discovered by federal law enforcement that two corporations and three campaign committees associated with LaRouche were charging people’s credit cards without their permission. In fact, one million dollars worth of such charges were made. The prosecutor against LaRouche’s associates was a certain Robert S. Mueller III.

LaRouche’s propaganda outlet “Executive Intelligence Review”, calls the indictment against three LaRouche associates, quote, ''the biggest political witch hunt in the history of American law.''  On October 6th, 1986 Federal agents raid the offices of LaRouche affiliated organizations. They confiscate a plethora of documents from Edward S. Spannaus, principal spokesman and treasurer of the 1986 LaRouche Presidential campaign.

On October 8th, LaRouche, even though he claims he’s totally innocent, releases the following statement,

Any arrest or attempt to arrest me would be an attempt to kill me… I will not submit passively to an arrest, but in such a scenario I will defend myself. The Reagan Administration will be condemned by history if such a scenario comes to pass.

On December 17, 1986, three LaRouche associates are charged with obstruction of justice, including Spannaus. At this time, however, LaRouche himself is not indicted for any crimes. This of course proves, once and for all, that the Feds have nothing on him and it’s clearly all just a big witch hunt against his underappreciated genius … That is until, on January 27, 1989, LaRouche is given a fifteen year prison sentence for scamming the IRS and deliberately refusing to pay back thirty million dollars in loans from his supporters.

In court, LaRouche tries to defend his crimes by essentially saying that his ends for world peace justified the unscrupulous means. The judge isn’t impressed by this and dismisses the argument as, quote, “errant nonsense.”

I want to give listeners a throwback to what I call “classic LaRouche”. That is, LaRouche contends that the whole trial was just part of a broader assassination plot against him hatched by the Queen of England, the CIA, and the Jews -- sorry, I mean, Zionists -- saying, quote, "The purpose of this frame-up is not is not to send me to prison. It's to kill me.”

Though LaRouche maintained that he was convicted for his political beliefs, juror Buster Horton had a slightly different take on the matter, saying, quote, “We did not convict him for that. He was convicted for those 13 counts he was on trial for."

One of the signs being held by a LaRouche cultist outside of the courthouse had embroidered on it, “Pardon LaRouche -- Kill Satan!” Was it a pillow!? embroidered?!

That’s not the only part of the story where Satan fits in. In fact, we’re only just starting with old Screwtape. During his time in prison, LaRouche shared his cell with evangelical Christian cult leader, Jim Bakker, also serving at the time for defrauding his own followers, and who incidentally is still actively scamming people to this very day. LaRouche is reported to have told Bakker, “Jim, Satan does exist and you may have displeased him.”

Satanic Philosophers and Scientists

So, what’s LaRouche’s beef with Satan, you may ask? It has a lot to do with two monumentally evil philosophers, namely Immanuel Kant and, of course, David Hume. Indeed, LaRouche believed that Kant’s idealist metaphysics, besides only being a, quote, “parody” of Descartes’ metaphysics, were also something of a gateway drug to satanism. In his essay titled “Immanuel Kant and the new Age Kookery” -- which appeared in the rag, “Executive Intelligence Review”, or EIR -- LaRouche writes,

The center of Kant's argument, from the Critique of Pure Reason through the Critique of Judgment, is that there exists undeniable proof that creation has occurred, but that the idea of a process of creation is beyond the capacity of the human mind. In arguing so, Kant gave a defense of irrational mysticisms. Thus, Kant supplied us a road-map of some of the crucial things which have occurred inside the mind of a formerly well-behaved, rational person, to transform that person into an adherent of astrology, of gambler's luck, or even of a Crowleyite sort of satanic cult.

Kant wasn’t only a gateway drug to satanism, but Nazism as well. Quote, “For Kant, anything which is classed as "metaphysical" is unknowable. So, in such matters, Kant authorized arbitrary opinion to do whatever it pleased. This was summed up most explicitly, most flagrantly, in his Critique of Judgment. In that Critique there is contained implicitly... proto-Nazi irrationalism...”

Hume and Kant aren’t the only scumbags that LaRouche goes after. Bertrand Russell -- who, as Dylan pointed out earlier was obviously the most evil man of the 20th century -- is another target. LaRouche somehow pins Russell’s demonstrably non-new age beliefs on the alleged intentional spread of new age beliefs in Colorado at the time. Quote, “As the case of radical deductionist Bertrand Russell illustrates the point, the wild claims of the reductionists have a great deal to do with the intentional spread of the sort of "New Age" kookery now spreading in Colorado and elsewhere.”

Carl Sagan makes an appearance in the essay as a sophist and fabricator. Quote, “There are the serious practitioners, who have a horror of participating in fakery, but are delimited in scientific capabilities by the deductive world-outlook on their profession. More and more, the educated fall into a second class, those, like Carl Sagan, for example, who cheat in arguing their points by resorting to deductive sophistries, even in defense of deliberate hoaxes.”

What other morons does LaRouche attack? Well, it turns out the writings of those total idiots, Descartes and Newton, abounded in “faulty assumptions”,

The faulty assumptions center around two axioms, both shown in physics to be false to reality. The first such fallacy, is the axiomatic definition of the self-evident existence of infinitely small points; the second is the assumption that the pathway of least action in empty space and empty time is straight-line movement. These two arbitrary and fallacious axioms, are the hereditary source of incompetencies pervading the physics of Descartes and Newton.

Who else is in the company of Hume, Kant, Descartes, Newton, Russell, and Sagan as satanists, fabricators, talentless hacks, and/or morons? The list -- which may not be exhaustive because LaRouche’s article is barely coherent -- includes: Motley Crue, Elizabeth Taylor, Aldous Huxley, H.G. Welles, Nietzsche, Michael Dukakis, the French positivists, Sigmund Freud, Voltaire, Francis Bacon, “Rock Against Racism” music groups, John Dewey, Ptolemy, Thomas Hobbes, and last but not least, Led Zeppelin!

Executive Intelligence Review

And with that, let’s end this podcast with some info about EIR, or “Executive Intelligence Review”. The aforementioned New Solidarity evolved into Executive Intelligence Review in 1977, coincidentally, of course, around the time LaRouche was explicitly shifting to the right. It should be noted that Iran’s state controlled Press TV thinks that EIR is awesome and often uses its contents to justify its anti-west sentiment.

Subscriptions to EIR would fluctuate in price over the years but, at its highest, it cost nearly $400 annually. You already got a taste of this wonderous publication with the satanic Kant article. But what other instances of quality content did subscribers receive for their 400 dollars a year? Here’s an exemplary example from a 2015 issue from an article called “The Obama Murders”,

Obama is something which must be removed,—must be stopped,—because he’s morally an enemy of humanity. And what his policies are, are those of the enemy of humanity. What can you say about all the suckers who don’t know any better, who still think that Obama’s a real person?—They should ask what his mama did for a living. That might help them understand things better. Like his predecessor the Roman Emperor Nero, Obama chose the wrong mother. But, regardless,—this is the issue. We cannot accept the opinion of people who support Obama! Because the evidence is in plain view for anybody with intelligence,—or active intelligence,—to see that Obama is a disease! He’s not a President; he’s a disease disguised as a President. And only when you talk that way, do you get to the truth of the matter. We’re dealing with a real form of Nazism, beyond anything that Hitler tried, and it’s coming from the trans-Atlantic community, or elements of the trans-Atlantic community.