Episode 29: Lyndon LaRouche Part 2 - From US Labor Party to the Democratic Primary, SDI, and Fascism

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In the second installment of their Lyndon LaRouche series, Dylan, Brent, and Forrest cover Lyndon LaRouche's transition from Marxist ideologue to fascist cult leader. Along the way, he runs for president on the US Labor Party ticket and later as a Democrat. Finally, they discuss what really launched LaRouche and the NCLC to the mainstream: their support for Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also known as "Star Wars".


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The First Presidential Bid

Lyndon LaRouche runs for president on the U.S. Labor Party ticket in 1976. This would be the first attempt of nine, eight of which are record breaking consecutive attempts. LaRouche actually managed to get a prime-time half-hour television exposure on NBC on the eve of the election, where he oddly urged everyone to vote for Gerald Ford over Jimmy Carter. To pay for all this exposure, LaRouche had one of his lackeys deliver $95,000 in a paper bag to NBC only hours before the broadcast. In the end, approximately 40,000 people voted for LaRouche and $500,000 was spent on the campaign. Despite losing big time, LaRouche claims victory anyway and says the whole election was a fraud to begin with.

Now, at this point, you might be wondering, “How could an explicitly pro-Soviet Union, self-described Marxian leftist suddenly support Gerald Ford over Jimmy Carter?” Well, I thought you’d never ask.

Shift to the Right

It was after the 1976 election that LaRouche starts becoming more explicitly right wing. This election, after all, brought together the US Labor Party and conservatives in a couple of ways. First, the USLP joined conservative groups in filing lawsuits against the Carter people on allegations of voter fraud. Second, they even raised money for these conservative groups. It should be noted that the USLP was still pretty pro-Soviet Union in rhetoric at the time, making the alliance all the more strange. One Republican involved in the lawsuits said,

Our relationship with the Labor Party is a freaky thing, but in this case it happens that our Republican interest is similar to theirs on this issue of voter fraud.

I guess the lesson here is that the only thing that can bring the far left and far right together is hatred of that monumentally evil man, Jimmy Carter.

Around this time, a directive from the USLP was leaked in the form of a wrongly intercepted telex message which specifically told its members to start recruiting people from the political right. It was around this time that the FBI starts to take a mild interest in LaRouche’s cult, labeling them a, quote,

clandestinely oriented group of political schizophrenics who have a paranoid preoccupation with Nelson Rockefeller and the CIA.

Speaking of cults, a former LaRouche cultist going by the name of “Miles C” laid out exactly how the LaRouche cult molded and recruited members. In 2004 he wrote:

The people who became close were put through the following:

Alienation from any connection to your former life. Your family, friends, co workers were criminals because they would not support LaRouche.

Dismissal of college studies as unimportant. "How can you go to college when the Human race depends on what we do?". Kids were encouraged to drop out.

Financial dependence. You were given a limited stipend that left you penniless. You lived with other members in group housing. The longer you were in, the broker you got. And this was after you gave or lent them all your money.

Emotional dependence. Since you cut off relations with your family and friends, you depended on other members for everything.

Psychological dependence. Your entire identity was no longer as an Individual, but as a "LaRouche organiser".

Physical dependence. Since [sic] you were doing something for LaRouche around the clock, you never had contact with the real world. Every bit of your previous life was attacked. Your hobbies, religion, ethnicity, musical and movie tastes were attacked. Ultimately you adopted an approved list of things that were considered worthy of a LaRouche organiser.

Intellectual dependence. Since you were in a closed environment, you were only getting news, info and current events from the LaRouche publications. But many people were worked so much, that they never had time to read what they were selling. You also would attack all sorts of public figures, Spokesmen [sic], politicians as part of this ever growing conspiracy.

They would build up people in classes they would have older members teach. Eventually the goal was to recruit you. They often did this by having you attend a conference and wooing and impressing you. Out of a conference, if you got a few hard core recruits, you did good.

After that strange interlude, as Groucho Marx would call it, let’s get back to LaRouche’s right wing outreach campaign! An example of such outreach reported by the Washington Post called for a, quote, “capitalist-industrialist republic under a Whig government with a 19th century Hamiltonian banking system.” The ideological shift to the right was rationalized by NCLC chief of staff Costas Axios by saying, quote,

We are socialists, but first we must establish an industrial capitalist republic and rid this country of the Rockefeller anti-industrial, anti-technology, monetarist dictatorship of today.

In all seriousness, I find this kind of funny because it sounds a lot like some of the the Chinese Communist Party’s rationalizations for shifting rightward. Quoting the late great Deng Xiapoing, former Paramount Leader of the People’s Republic of China:

A planned economy is not the definition of socialism, because there is planning under capitalism; the market economy happens under socialism, too. Planning and market forces are both ways of controlling economic activity.

LaRouche cultists divided the American right wing into two groups: “Pro-Rocky” and “Anti-Rocky”, ‘Rocky’ being shorthand for “Rockefeller”. Perceived “Pro-Rocky” people, like William F. Buckley, were to be viewed with scorn and hatred. “Anti-Rocky” people, such as Klansmen and neo-Nazis were considered totally cool.

Ken Duggan, ultra-far right nationalist and occultist editor of a rag called “The Illuminator”, had become influential in the NCLC around 1975 and would often try to persuade its staffers to explicitly move further to the right. After stabbing a political rival and awaiting his sentence for attempted murder, Duggan committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell. But not before first introducing the NCLC to a notorious anti-Semite named Willis Carto. But before we get to that piece of work, let’s talk a little about the origins of LaRoche’s rightward shift.

Origins of the Rightward Shift

The initial stirrings of the more explicit 1976 shift to the right began taking shape in the early 1970s. First, LaRouche had long been fascinated with fascism and believed that fascism itself was more style than substance or ideology, looking at organizations such as even the Jewish Defense League as something of a seed for an American brand of fascism. As William Dennis King put it, LaRouche realized that, quote,“...a successful U.S. fascism must include multi-ethnic alliances different from anything in Hitler's lexicon.”

LaRouche even attempted something of a “Hitler Youth” type organization with the establishment of “The Revolutionary Youth Movement” in 1973. He claimed that “Operation Mop Up” paled in comparison for what he planned for these youths, saying, quote, "You think this CP stuff is scary?... Well, I'll tell you something that's really gonna scare you. In a few months we're gonna have 10,000 enraged ghetto youth, we're gonna organize street gangs. . .” LaRouche claimed his fascist street gang would be able to, quote, “...debate philosophers."

LaRouche had formed an alliance with one of the biggest street gangs in the area, known appropriately enough as, “The Outlaws”. A certain Christine Berl remembers teaching Revolutionary Youth Movement classes on Beethoven, with members of the Outlaws gang in attendance. Contrary to claims made by New Solidarity that the Outlaws were peaceful, Berl says she believed otherwise. Exhibit A being, quote, “They had guns in the room.”

Around this time, members of the KKK and white supremacist gangs showed their support for the NCLC in their street fights with black nationalist Amiri Baraka and his organization. In typical Scientology-esque fashion, LaRouche claimed Baraka was a CIA agent and was therefore “fair game”.

As we went over in the last podcast, LaRouche had oh so highly enlightened and progressive views of women. But what about his views on race? Well, New Solidarity and the NCLC routinely referred to Baraka and other enemy blacks as, quote, "gutter dwellers," "animals," "mad dogs," "Aunt Jemima," “Superfly”, “niggers”

Ready for more enlightened views on race, guys? In a leaflet circulated by the NCLC in Manhattan, there’s written within its pages, "This summer you will be walking down the street with your family and a cruising car will pull up beside you. A group of young black men will jump out of the car and surround you. As they close in on you, you may notice that their eyes show no emotion, their pupils are pinpoints. Your throat will be slashed, your wife will be stabbed, your children's heads will be smashed against the pavement. The attackers will be grinning or laughing." Keep in mind that the NCLC at this time had black members in it.


What fascist conspiracy cult would be complete without the ancient art of paranoid anti-semitism? As I had mentioned, Duggan had introduced to LaRouche a fellow by the name of Willis Carto. Who is Willis Carto? Well, he’s a founder of the so-called “Liberty Lobby”. Even though he sold copies of Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by mail through his catalogue, Carto wants to assure you he’s NOT an anti-Semite, and certainly not a Nazi. Rather, he’s only a, quote, “anti-Zionist”.

Carto was one of the founding fathers of the “I-think-the-Holocaust-is-a-good-idea-but-it-didn’t-happen” school of thought. Even going so far as to say that the gas ovens at Auschwitz were just some innocuous industrial equipment for converting coal into oil. Sure, it was run by Jewish prisoners of the Third Reich, the same Third Reich that declared them to be subhuman scum and enemies of the state, but Carto maintains that they were well fed and generally happy. Carto’s Liberty Lobby had a rag which featured regular rants about Henry Kissinger, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Rothschilds.

Carto and LaRouche got along great, but the only criticism Carto had was that he didn’t think LaRouche was quite conspiratorial enough in his thinking. He recommended that LaRouche go super ultra conspiratorial for maximum political impact. He suggested that he start by including Jews in the mix. It wasn’t long until new articles in New Solidarity started blaming the Jews, oh I’m sorry, I mean the Rothschilds, for just about everything. They even published crude jokes portraying Jews, Oh I’m sorry, I mean “Zionists”, as subhuman. Indeed, LaRouche, in a rare moment of humility, said that The Liberty Lobby was ahead of New Solidarity in exposing the “main enemy”.

Just like how the NCLC advocated overtly anti-black racism and still had black members, it might be shocking to note that at this time the NCLC membership was 25% Jewish. Why did so many Jews put up with this nonsense you may ask? Because it’s a cult of course! You can’t just leave whenever you want. For example, one staffer named Paul Goldstein had had enough with the anti-semitism and threatened to quit. He was swiftly met with an ego-stripping session. Reduced to tears and convinced he might lose his wife if he didn’t stay in the cult, he decided not only to stay, but to become one of LaRouche’s most loyal supporters.

Cognitive dissonance was another means of maintaining support from within the cult. Linda Ray, a former member, was once confronted by a friend with the Star of David being used as a symbol of the drug trade in New Solidarity. She writes in her 1986 article “Breaking the Silence”, quote, "I quickly replied ... 'It is just a graphic arts symbol'—which I had naively thought for years. But as soon as I said it out loud I realized that I sounded ridiculous. It was as if I was waking from a nightmare."

Becoming a legit political organization

Preparing for 1980

While moving further and further to the right, LaRouche also began transforming the NCLC into a mainstream political organization, which began with his second run for president. LaRouche began his second Presidential run in early 1979, calling himself the “candidate more American than apple pie.” Instead of running again as the US Labor Party candidate, he opted instead campaign in the Presidential primary. He set his eyes on the New Hampshire primary, campaigning as a “native son” candidate.

While his followers expected him to run as a Republican, he instead ran as a Democrat, which he would also do for his next 7 presidential runs. King argues that this made sense since the far right of the Republican party was crowded and mostly unsympathetic to LaRouche. The Birchers, for example, were skeptical of his Trotskyite past.

But the right-wing of the Democratic party, the wing that defected to vote for George Wallace in 1968, was wide open. LaRouche thought he could also,

reach out to the mass of Democrats who were neither conservative nor liberal -- the trade union members, small farmers, and churchgoing inner-city blacks that the USLP had courted for years. By addressing their social problems in stark, angry rhetoric, he could perhaps nudge some of them into a new formation -- a LaRouche wing of the party.

His strategy revolved around attacking liberals. He said the Democratic party was a “Mad Hatter’s tea party” dominated by Jane Fonda and her “antinuclear bacchanal” and by “Zen Buddhist governor Jerry Brown” He appealed to nuclear power plant workers as “nation builders” and said he would build 2,500 nuclear plants by 2000.

He also had a prohibitionist streak. “No one is going to grow a field of marijuana. We’ll spot it down to one stalk, and the next day we’ll be in there with paraquat… We can put this country on cold turkey.”

Some roadblocks

While he attempted to keep the more shall we say “extreme” views under wraps, he wasn’t always successful. As King notes, “To expect either the organization or LaRouche to maintain a strictly pragmatic stance even for a few weeks, to say nothing of an entire campaign season, was not realistic.”

For example, commenting on Nixon’s presidency, LaRouche remarked, “If I had been President in 1973, and they had tried to do that [Watergate] to me… I would have smashed them.”

After some New England newspapers picked up the New York Times story detailing LaRouche’s anti-semitism and ties to the Ku Klux Klan, the organization went apeshit. Instead of just ignoring these stories, which didn’t pick up much interest, the NCLC instead claimed a Jewi… I mean Zionist disinformation campaign was against them, a plot whose goal was to assassinate LaRouche. Later LaRouche, surrounded by armed bodyguards, marched into a union hall and threatened a journalist, saying he would “make it very painful” for them. His supporters spend time making hundreds of harassing phone calls to state officials and Democratic leaders all day and night.

Despite all their hard work, LaRouche only got 2,300 votes, or 2 percent of the Democratic primary total. Of course, he demanded a recount. This netted him an additional 19 votes. While he didn’t get any delegates for the 1980 Democratic convention, what he and his organization did get was experience, experience which would bear fruit in elections to come. He also developed the policy goal which rocketed him to the mainstream: the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also known as Star Wars.

Dipping a Toe into Fusion

President Ronald Reagan delivers a speech on March 23, 1983 announcing the Strategic Defense Initiative. This was a plan for a space-based missile defense system and dubbed the Star Wars program. Though this speech came as a surprise to most Americans, it didn’t for one man.

LaRouche apparently was theorizing about a space-based laser or particle-beam weapons system since 1975. This fit well into his humble grand scheme of world conquest. His organization consisted of some scientists who understood these basic principles and explained them to LaRouche in layman’s terms.

But before the NCLC promoted beam weapons, they promoted fusion power. “The Fusion Energy Foundation, established in 1974 as a cover for the NCLC intelligence staff's science and technology division, became the chief LaRouchian propaganda vehicle for beam weapons.” It published a monthly Fusion in the late 1970s and even gained a measure of credibility in the scientific community. The FEF also published a pamphlet called Sputnik of the Seventies

So why did the FEF win the respect of fusion scientists? Well it may have had something to do with them launching a campaign to get these scientists more government funding. The FEF staff lobbied, testified before congress, held press conferences, and went from city to city on a speaking tour. LaRouche’s followers  displayed posters at airports and passed out pamphlets.

Researchers and administrators in the DOE's Office of Fusion Energy (OFE) began to take the LaRouche foundation seriously… They were willing to overlook its sinister politics, including its scurrilous attacks on Energy Secretary James Schlesinger. The FEF might be nasty, but it was useful.

Another key to the success of the FEF was its support and promotion of nuclear power during a time of anti-nuclear sentiment that was sweeping America due to the Three Mile Island near-disaster. In 1979 hollywood released the film “The China Syndrome”, starring Jane Fonda, which portrayed nuclear engineers as liars and murderers.

The FEF played on the fear of the American people by explaining this was a “giant plot to undermine American world leadership in science and technology.” They offered bumper stickers for an industry counterattack: “More Nukes, Less Kooks” and the ever-popular, “Feed Jane Fonda to the Whales”

Despite all their horrible tactics I have to say I agree with FEF at least on this. For the most part nuclear power plants are very safe and if we went to them back then instead of coal fired power plants we would have greatly decreased our carbon emissions.

“Dozens of scientists and engineers (including a top man from Three Mile Island) signed a full-page Fusion advertisement backing LaRouche for President” in 1980. Fusion was to be a top priority of the LaRouche presidency.

Although some FEF supporters were turned off by its strident attacks on Darwinism, rock music, and Isaac Newton, it continued to grow.Once Ronald Reagan assumed office, the government funding for fusion shifted to the Strategic Defense Initiative instead.

Transition to Star Wars

In the early 80’s just a few years prior to the Star Wars Reagan speech, LaRouche supposedly received a message from a mysterious personage known only as “Mister Ed.”

LaRouche supposedly received dozens of messages of advice from Mister Ed through the 1970s in the form of “E to L” (Ed to LaRouche) memoranda. LaRouche believed Mr. Ed spoke for the CIA and wanted him to push for beam weaponry

In September of 1982, the father of the H-bomb, Dr. Edward Teller met with Reagan on Capitol Hill regarding X-ray laser weaponry. LaRouche’s publications dubbed the proposal the “LaRouche-Teller initiative”. “The FEF's Dr. Bardwell embarked on a tour of college campuses to convince audiences to join "the higher peace movement."

The day after Reagan's speech, LaRouche hailed it as probably the most important action "by any President in twenty years," adding that "true greatness . . . touched President Ronald Reagan last night . . . a moment of greatness never to be forgotten."” As expected LaRouche asserted that he was really SDI’s “intellectual author”.

As late as 1976, LaRouche and his followers were describing Dr. Teller as a “Rockefeller agent and a plotter of genocide. But when Teller delivered a speech attacking the ecology movement and its zero-growth theories, the LaRouchians began praising him.”

“In a 1984 phone interview Teller called LaRouche "a poorly informed man with fantastic conceptions."”

A friend of Teller, Dr. Robert Budwine traveled at LaRouche’s expense to Bangkok and Paris to give talks on beam weaponry. He even attended the NCLC annual conference in January 1984 at LaRouche’s mansion in Virginia “where the baroque harpsichord background music struck him as “an attempt to re-create an eighteenth-century salon.”

But sadly Dr. Budwine scientific training and intelligence got in the way of completely joining the LaRouche cult. "They kept talking about this great method they have, but I kept asking: 'What kind of method is it that consistently gives you the wrong answers?' " He began to read up on cults and brainwashing, and came to the conclusion that "LaRouche is not a serious man, he's even less than that . . . LaRouche is crazy."

So what did some other big named people think of LaRouche?

Dr. Richard DeLauer the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering from 1981-1984, was one of the more important government scientists the LaRouchians reached out too. He thought science in America was weak in which he blamed on the "greening of America" and "gurus" who "took advantage of food stamps." But even he wasn’t a fan of LaRouche saying, "I have no use for that guy [LaRouche] and his opinions."

National Security Council’s Dr. Pollock, one of the key policymakers behind Reagan’s Star Wars speech called LaRouche a “frightening kind of fellow”

In 1986 the FEF was the target of multiple criminal investigations for “defrauding elderly persons in every region of the country by soliciting unsecured loans with no intention of repaying them. FEF officials were indicted for loan fraud in NY and Virginia, and for credit card fraud in Mass.”

Through the entire LaRouche-Star Wars years “many scientists and government officials found the LaRouchians useful and thus were willing to overlook their anti-Semitism and other unpleasant qualities.”

What’s a beam weapon program without some nazis to run things?

During the early to mid-1980s LaRouche used beam weapons and SDI to pull together “scattered forces of European and American neo-fascism to defend Nazi war criminals and promote revanchism. This effort was symbolized by a photograph of a four-pronged object, glowing with light, that appeared from time to time in Fusion and New Solidarity. Its shape was reminiscent of the swastika.”

LaRouche reached out to former Nazi scientists who worked on V-2 rockets, jet aircraft, and the Nazi version of the atom bomb. LaRouche praised Nazi scientists compared to the degenerate science of the "British." LaRouche supported Arthur Rudolph, the Paperclip engineer who developed NASA's Saturn V moon rocket, but who was accused by the US Justice Dept. of working thousands of slave laborers to death at a V-2 factory in Nazi Germany in 1943-45.

Friedwardt Winterberg of the FEF was Rudolph’s most outspoken supporter who was a student of former Nazi physicist Erich Bagge after WWII. Winterberg repeated the LaRouche line that an attack on Rudolph was an attack on NATO. “Winterberg also sent handwritten notes (he called them "brainteasers". OSI prosecutor Rosenbaum focusing on such themes as: Israel is guilty of Nazi-style crimes; Simon Wiesenthal was a Nazi collaborator; Zionism is a form of Nazism that has "infected" world Jewry.”

In 1985 the Krafft Ehricke Memorial Conference was held in Reston, Virginia, sponsored by the FEF, which “united support for SDI, defense of Nazi war criminals, … and a messianic vision of the conquest of outer space.”

Over the next two years LaRouche outlined plans for cities on Mars and in the asteroid belt which was “an extension of his earlier earthbound city-building schemes so reminiscent of the SS plans for Aryan colonies in occupied Russia.”

On Sept. 3, 1987, LaRouche gave a speech in Munich claiming that the SDI was merely the first stage of an awesome revolution in military technology - “the development of ‘mass-killing’ weapons using the ‘full range of the electromagnetic spectrum’. Such weapons would make possible the ‘true total war’.

He said that with these weapons aimed to the East they could “fry the entire Soviet population while leaving Soviet factories and railroads intact.”

Good ol’ Kissinger

From LaRouche speech on Aug. 3, 1982 : “Kissenger, the Politics of Faggotry”. The speech beings with,

According to a variety of very authoritative sources, Henry A. Kissinger is not a Jew, but a faggot.

By the way, there’s a Crossfire episode featuring Lyndon LaRouge in which Pat Buchanan asks for these authoritative sources. LaRouche responds with, quote, ”I am one of the authoritative sources.”

After the painful repulsion from the first sentence LaRouche wants us to understand he “will not tolerate any denial of civil rights to a person who happens to be homosexual. Ordinarily, a homosexual is like an ordinary person suffering the affliction of nasty boils.”

Apparently “the problem with Kissinger is not simply he has a homosexual personality.” Rather is that he is “like that of that flaming, fascistic faggot Roy M. Cohn.”

Psychologically, Henry is a distinct species. He is of the species some psychopathologists prefer to describe as an extreme anal variety of sadomasochistic personality.

LaRouche keeps it real and humble as always in this speech saying, “More lies have been told internationally about me … than any living public figure of the past ten years.”

Most citizens have noticed about Kissinger, that he explodes into irrational rages very easily. He exhibits a distinctly unmanly testiness.

As long as he believes he is being admired, or admired for reasons of fear, Kissinger can be almost generous, more or less "seductive" in the way some confidence-men--of the sort who wear too much perfume, and too much jewelry--often are with prospective "suckers." Cross Kissinger, rip away his narcissistic, anal self-delusions, and his impulses turn instantly homocidal.

And the grand finale,

To understand the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is, what Roy Cohn is, think back to the Emperor Nero and his court. Think of Studio 54, then of Nero's court, and then of Studio 54 again. … Think of Nero, and then of Kissinger, and then of Nero, and then of Roy M. Cohn. That is the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is. That kind of faggotry destroyed Rome. Will you permit it also to destroy the United States?

LaRouche’s Big Conspiracy

The Oligarchy

LaRouche didn’t just replace Marxism with Fascism, but something far more intense: a 3,000 year long struggle between “Neoplatonic humanists” on the one hand and the “oligarchy” on the other. As King puts it, “LaRouche’s theory of the struggle between two secret elites is perhaps the closest thing to a system of total multidimensional paranoia ever invented in the United States.”

So, who, exactly, make up the Oligarchy?

Come on, of course it’s the Jews. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion make an appearance, but even they are “too narrow in scope for the purposes of total paranoia.” Instead LaRouche admits they have a “hard kernel of truth” but don’t tell the whole story. But he’s not always explicit about all this. He refers to them as “anti-human bestialists”, and “parasites...who cooked up the hoax called the Old Testament”. The Jews (who apparently predate the Old testament) of Babylon created the Old Testament, brainwashed the Jewish masses with it, and then sent them to Judea as a strategic military colony. But even he has to admit that a large component of the Oligarchy are the “Jewish usurers… a continuous and often dominant element”.

So we know who the Oligarchy is. What do they want? Apparently, they are really into regular culls of the human race through disease and starvation. Right now, they want to return the world to a “New Dark Ages”, which includes a nuclear holocaust, massive spread of AIDS, zero growth, and “total bestial heteronomy.”

And this isn’t the first time they attempted to destroy civilization either. They have destroyed all centers of progress they have managed to influence from Atlantis to Rome. Yes, ATLANTIS! The “scientist-astronomers” ruled Atlantis but were defeated by the ancestors of Babylon, the evil “magician-astrologers”.

3,000 years ago their headquarters were in Babylon, which, of course, they ruined. Than they moved to Rome, then Venice, and then London, which is their home nowadays. All the way they have battled the valiant “Humanists”, who want productive investment, science, technology, and “citybuilding”

It should be noted that equating “Babylonians” with “Jews” is nothing new. The book The Merchants of Babylon by Rev. Bertrand L. Comparet, features four rabbis on the cover.

Along with the Babylonians, LaRouche also rails against the Persians who supposedly destroyed the ancient world. Again, it is very common in conspiracy circles to link the Persians and the Jews, done so by both Oswald Spengler (who thought they controlled the Persian Empire) and Houston Stewart Chamberlain (who thought Jews were the puppets).

But, now, the main force behind the Oligarchy is LONDON.


The British are the prime target of LaRouche’s conspiracy thinking. They play the same role as the Reptilians for David Icke (including the possibility of anti-semetic metaphor/code word). He claims that Queen Elizabeth is the world’s greatest drug pusher and that Britain is the chief enemy of the United States. They also want to starve “billions” in the Third World.

OF COURSE, LaRouche isn’t using “British” as code for “International Jewry”. But, he has slipped on occassion. In his book The Case of Walter Lippmann, the word “British” is followed immediately by “Rothschild” in parentheses.

He makes this more explicit in “Anti-Dirigism is British Tory Propoganda” (Dirigism is, according to Wikipedia, “an economic doctrine in which the state plays a strong directive role, as opposed to a merely regulatory role, over a capitalist market economy.” LaRouche says, “The policy-shaping kernel of the enemy forces centered in the British monarchy is a group of private banking families. These are notably the family interests of the Lazard Brothers, Barings, N.M. Rothschild, Hill Samuel, and other small private banking houses. Britain -- these same families’ interests -- has controlled the international opium traffic since early during the 19th century.” In case you missed it, all but one of those families is Jewish.

Also, in a 1978 issue of New Solidarity the cover featured a Star of David with Queen Elizabeth along with Henry Kissinger and Milton Friedman. The caption refered to “satanic connections”.

One Briton is singled out among the pack. No, not the Queen, but Bertrand Russell, “the most evil man of the 20th century.” The basic reason is that Russell argued for the construction of nukes and the UN which is of course a scheme of world government hegemony.